Week 5 Run 2..... much better

After Monday's run 1 I felt deflated, I wasn't feeling that high at all. I usually do run 2 on a Wednesday but due to various reasons I wasn't free to go out until 9pm and by that time I was starving and tea was almost ready. I have to work from home today due to my son being not 100% (I like to be close to his nursery if he has any sign of his asthma playing up as the office is 30 miles away), so I promised I would use my lunch break wisely and go for run 2. Due to my inquisitive nature, I knew exactly what today's run was about. I do limit myself to only looking ahead to the runs in the current week I am in. But I like being prepared.

I think being prepared helps me, so I have time to get over the initial "no way can I do that" moment. When I set off today, I knew that I could do it. And that first 8 minute run was pretty easy. I did change my route today so that there was very little in terms on steep incline, but it did mean that almost all of the second 8 minute run was uphill, with the majority of it gentle. I could really feel it burning my legs. It felt a little long having to wait 4 minutes for MJ to speak to me. I decided to only look a few feet in front of me. I wanted to keep my posture without seeing the long uphill ahead of me. When you start that incline, the steep bit is at the start and even when you get past that you can't see the end of the road until about half way up it. It did work, and I got there. I feel that high today! Although thinking ahead to run 3, I still don't know whether I prefer the uphill in the first half or the second.

During the 5 minute recovery walk in the middle, I did come across 3 people walking who were getting to a crossing point of a guided busway the same time as me. I have no idea if my new running shoes sound a silent as clouds as much as they feels like clouds, but they had zero idea I was there and they casually all crossed my path and I had to sharply adjust myself which has twinged my knee slightly. They looked like a family of 2 parents with a grown up daughter, the guy looked at me all confused. Maybe he couldn't fathom why I was wearing amazing running gear but walking! :) But I focussed on the music and carried on regardless.


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  • Well done.

    Better to have an extra rest day or two to make sure you are prepared and rested. I detect a greater confidence building now and it is deserved, you have come a long way. In theory, because the first ten minutes of most people's runs are the most difficult, it might be better to keep the uphill gradient for the second half of your next run, when breathing is more settled and joints are lubricated.

    I remember having to change my route in W6, otherwise all my runs would end on a steep uphill. Now all my 5ks end on that steep uphill. If you run them you will be stronger, but to get through the programme there is no harm in adjusting your route.

  • I have been enjoying that last downhill prior to today. But now I won't get a recovery period in the next run I think you are right. The only other option is to drive out to somewhere where there is a flatter route. But like you say, running the hills makes me stronger and all of my runs so far (14 of them!!) have had hills. Living in the centre of them at least gives me the choice.

  • Mrs T what a storming performance. The hills I sympathise totally, but it's never wasted effort it all goes in your stamina bank. It's just figuring the best way of managing them within your run. But it sounds like cloud trainers are helping. And you are a ninja, as clearly the busway pedestrians had no idea you were there. That is silent! Brilliant stuff, have a good one next time out, but maybe watch that twingey knee...

  • The knee was ok for the 8 minute run after it, but I have felt it a little since getting home. It is annoying though that they actually crossed the side road from my left, I was already on the path that they joined before going on to the busway. I wouldn't expect I'm difficult to see in my neon clouds and purple running vest. Oh well, I must have to accept that I am ninja like and take it as a compliment :)

  • Well done. An extra rest day or two is no problem - we all have busy lives. Also, there nothing wrong with looking ahead. I had the whole 9 weeks programme pinned to the fridge and ticked it off as I went. I used to look ahead with excitement thinking about what I would be able to do in a few weeks time. As you say it is better to be prepared.

  • Glad it is not just me that looks ahead. I am feeling nervous about run 3, which will be Saturday morning. But if I can go from running 60 seconds to 8 minutes in just 14 runs, I am confident I can do it.

  • I am confident that you can do it too MrsT82. You have done the groundwork to get you to this point. It will be challenging, but you've got this!!

  • You are flying MrsT, I wondered what that blur was on Newerth Rd at lunchtime, great to read positive posts. 😁

  • I was actually on Newearth, I guess you knew that because of the busway :) ha ha. Do you actually live in Walkden?

  • I live in L.H, it was the busway that did it. Haha

  • I grew up in LH, on Old Lane. :)

  • WOW, I'm on Coniston Ave.

  • Small World :) I used to love the chippy there, chips and gravy on a Friday night with my mates :)

  • "May the road rise up to meet you.." takes on a whole new meaning doesn't it :)

    Very well done...positive thought really does work and it seems as if you are well on the way!

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