Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot...😅☀️

What a run I had this morning, although there was no lack of gremlins despite being a long long way from home.

1 I could have sworn I packed running shorts, phone holder,etc in my suitcase before leaving UK at the weekend, but alas the Thai gremlins here must have stolen them.

2 Gremlins have affected the weather since our arrival inKoh Samui so it's been raining non stop since we got here on Monday. Lots of flooded roads everywhere. 🌧💦💧

3 Got up to run early this morning but Gremlins turned the temperature up to 30degrees and turned on the sun. ☀️☀️☀️

4 My earphone had been hidden, so had to borrow hubbies set of in ear plugs, so had one dangling and the other kept popping out...

But, as always, Gremlins were not getting the better of me:

1 borrowed a pair of my daughter's soft beach shorts (which I was really pleased I could get into). At least I had my trainers and socks with me, and as I had no ankle strap made sure I warmed up properly (warmed up... ha ha ha I was already pretty hot). I tried improvising a phone holder, but ended up tucking it into my sports bra.

2 stopped at the first flooded bit of our road, turned round and tried another route but ended up in puddles anyway, so decided to run through the flooded areas, and it was actually quite fun, even if the water was half way up my calves in places.

3 Mr R provided me with a bottle of ice cold water before I set off ( he really is quite a gem), and I just took it really gently.

4 Earphone was irritating, but I just kept popping it back in. At least it was better than using my noise cancelling headphones, which would have been uber sweaty. (I've now found my own tucked in my wash bag so can use it next time.)

And, despite all this, I managed to cover 7k, saw a herd of buffalo, two women fishing, beautiful frangipani and jasmine flowers, an ornate Buddhist temple, a sunlit lake and still had enough energy left to dive in the outdoor shower and then into our pool back at the villa.

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  • Well quite a lot of pre-run faffing there😉 but it sounds like you had the most beautiful run! Well done for not being out off by the heat. ☺

  • Glad you managed your Thai run:)

    Here's another wee tip, take a bottle of frozen water with you, it will stay cold much longer! (And not just for your runs!)

    Hope you have a lovely holiday and well done on fitting into your daughter's shorts!

  • Thanks Davoda . It was slow , but enjoyed it. X

  • I don't think I could run in 30 degrees! And very brave for running through those "puddles". I had a similar experience in Koh Samui (pre-running days) when it rained really heavily on the last day and everything flooded spectacularly! The streets were literally rivers. Sounds like a gorgeous run!

  • Ooh, this sounds great I'm off there next weekend for a few days. Can't wait!

  • Sounds absolutely wonderful, and very hot!!!

  • Well done for running in that heat! Sounds amazing though x

  • It was lovely. There is an outdoor gym near to our house, which I had intended to use today but by 9am it was already too hot. So I'll just have to laze by the pool a while longer. 😂⛱👙☀️

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