Wheat and sugar free fast breakfast options?

I've been following a healthy eating plan for a month or so now and so am comfortable with healthier food, but went to see a nutritionist this week and he recommended I do a wheat and sugar free detox for a while. I've spent all day looking at labels and its not an easy one to avoid! The thing is I run before work, pretty much as soon as I get up (I know that's not ideal but if I don't do it then when I've not had a chance to dream up an excuse not to then I won't do it at all). Would just welcome any suggestions on other fast pre-run snacks (not banana's) .. now I'm moving through the weeks I am getting to a point that I need the additional energy having not eaten since about 7pm the night before..

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  • Porridge oats is the runner's food of choice. It's fuel!!! Love the stuff. Mmmmmmmmmmmm I do muesli too, which is porridge oats based too

  • And you can always mash a banana into it.

  • Banana's are not sugar free.

  • Bananas are high energy because of their sugar content, but I don't like them so won't be using them anyway :-) We had proper porridge this morning, Scotts Oats, cooked in a pan, I needed to add Splenda but they were yummy!

  • Sorry guys, missed the bit about not liking bananas. But I WAS assuming that Cazzajane would still be eating fruit. Yoghurt's another good one.

  • Love fruit, although have been banned from my favourite (grapes!). Since I've started taking an interest in what contains sugar .. bloomin everything does!

  • Is it just sugar (as in, refined sugar, brown sugar, treacle etc) which you're off, or any sort (lactose, fructose etc)? If the latter, life is going to be tricky. If the former, you'll need to steer clear of most processed foodstuffs.

  • Yes pretty much just the refined stuff, natural is okay. I have cut out virtually all processed food now, we are just using up the final packets/jars/frozen stuff we have. Its fine on days when you can plan your own menu/make all your own stuff, but when out and about its not so easy. I end up with pineapple and cashew nuts from M&S for lunch sometimes when I get caught out! Thanks for all the advice :-)

  • I know, I have diplomas in nutrition. I was pointing out to the response above that bananas are not sugar free.

  • I'd recommend porridge too, not pre run, but afterwards .I find it sits 'heavy' in my stomach and if having it before cycling I leave at least two hours, or 3-4 hours before running.

    I run 'on empty' ie without eating, as late as 10am after having eaten my last meal at about 7.30pm. I'll manage up to one hour-long runs on empty.

    However if you body needs some energy prior to running, how about a fruit smoothie. You could add flax seeds to it for extra sustenance.

  • Porridge.

    Chia seed pudding....soak chia seeds in some form of milk (dairy, plant, nut, whatever) overnight. Add fruit or cinnamon if you fancy

    Grate a raw potato into a flat bottomed bowl and spread evenly, about 0.5-1cms thick. Microwave on full for 3 minutes which will get it all to hold together, fry lightly and serve with a fried egg and veggie bacon (or pig bacon I suppose)

    A smoothie - they don't all have to have banana in.

    But I am no good for anything until I've had my breakfast, I wake up thinking about breakfast... I don't know how much wiggle room you have to get up earlier, eat breakfast and have time to digest it before running?

  • Thanks for all the suggestions .. no wiggle room for getting up earlier, 6am is my limit or I have to go to bed too early and it starts to impact life in general, so until I'm running miles for now I'll stick with a slice of cheese and plenty of water, but I will be giving the potato thing a go at the weekend as that sounds luvly!!

  • I like an omelette made with one egg, a dash of milk and a handful of mushrooms - yummy!

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