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B210K W1R3 and a free running tip!

Hello everyone,

I was propelled out of my bed this morning by the sun coming in through my window, and (as someone who's been running in the evening) the desire to get my run out of the way before the heat and the crowds built up.

Today was something of a solidarity run for me, as my boyfriend (lanky, natural runner type) is running a half marathon in Chester this morning. Not that I was going to run 21 k- I like him, but not that much :) Anyway, I've been getting on well with Sam in B210k and this was the last run of 10:1 x 4. I've been a little unimaginative with my routes recently and I thought this morning would be a great time to explore the area a little more. This is when I get to my tip, runners, if you see a road called Highfield, or anything similar turn around! Street names in the UK are very literal and if you start up a Highfield you are most likely heading for a GIANT HILL! This was my experience this morning, according to my Garmin I gained 32 metres in elevation over around 300 metres and it was hard work! They do say however that hills are great for legs and lungs so I forgot about my pace and ploughed on.

And I got there :) I ran 6.62 km in the 43 minutes and was pleased- I also burnt 410 calories. Onto Week 2 (15:1 x 3) then, I'm feeling quite positive about it thinking that 3 intervals is better for me psychologically than 4. Has this been anyone else's experience? Is anyone at a similar stage of B210K?

I'm hoping to hit 7 km on my next run.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and happy running, Emily x

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I did W1R1 of the B210K programme today -- not because I am about to do the programme ( I'm not - i am in training for a 14 K race and doing other things ) - but I thought I would just try it out for a change. I completed the 4x10min run intervals -- but only just , because of the terrible music!!!! :(


Ha! It's funny what a difference music can make to a run. Having come straight on from C25K and never having ran to my own music I don't find Sam's choice too bad. I've been enjoying recognising the odd song as opposed to the obscurities Laura used to provide! I have to admit that running to my own playlist one day is something I look forward too :) Good luck with your training.


Well done, sounds like a great run, hill and all, as they can be pretty evil things. It's good to hear your experience with B210K too; I'm currently on C25K, starting week eight tomorrow, but intend starting B210K when graduate, so it's interesting to hear how folk are getting on with it. :-)


Thank you! I've been getting on pretty well with Sam on B210K- I wrote a little review of my first run with her on this thread if you're interested

Happy running :)


Thank you, that's excellent and answers a number of questions. It seems a good programme, I'll just need to turn the sound right up! I thought that might be the case with going back to intervals too, that it's tougher than it looks. Reminds me a bit of week six of C25K and how that can be mistaken as being 'easy' after the long run of W5. Thanks once more; happy running! :-)


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