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Week 1 sort of complete but need motivation to move on

First I wanted to say hello to everyone, only joined a couple of days ago as I thought you lot would be able to help me with motivation, which is something I need help with quite a lot!!

I've now done week 1 3 times, so in theory am ready to move on to week 2... but am reluctant. I haven't been able to run regularly as my uni timetable kept changing and I didn't want to run before my early lectures because of not having enough time (I'm trying to run first thing in the morning so I can't spend all day thinking up excuses not to go!)

I don't know whether to do it once more before moving on, or am I just wimping out? I don't know if I feel like I am up to moving on or not!

Am I likely to struggle because I've not been able to get into a routine? (I've decided for Lent I'm going to take up running regularly rather than giving something up, so should be able to get myself into a good routine eventually)

Come people, please help me to get myself motivated! :)

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I motivate self by just imagining the lovely slightly breathless clean feeling I have when I get out of shower after a run - then a cup of tea, maybe update blog and I'm all sleepy and feeling smug barry that I ran too! Its a great feeling anytime of the day and I can't believe you'd want to miss out on it!

Also - I have my running kit all laid out ready for me when i get in from work... its a done deal!


Hi Rosie28,

You've done the three runs which means that you've completed the first week and are ready to move onto week 2... you've started to build up your fitness, so you're ready to extend your runs - have a go at week 2 - you can always go back and re-do week 1 if you need it. Think if you can set aside time for running you'll start to make it a routine and you'll start to progress! Look forward to hearing your story as you move through the weeks! I started getting up a little earlier in the morning to find time to go to the gym before work but a lot depends on when you're at your best!



Agree with the loverrrly people above, you done week 1 have a go at week 2, your body IS ready this plan works! Post it notes are good, write yourself a litany of abuse to make you run! Lay out your running gear, use email reminders, whatever it takes, just run.

Come on........think of that feeling of achievement, it is worth it.

I will keep an eye out for you, an give a gentle nudge if needed.

All the best



If a 53 yr old who hadn't run whatsoever since primary school can go from struggling with week 1 to running 40 minutes in one go, in just under 9 weeks....

Yes, you *can* do it! Don't overthink it, go out and start, going as slowly as you need to (which might well be slower than dog walkers!) and get that wonderful feeling of 'My goodness, I did it!'

Then come back and tell us how proud you are! :)


Thanks folks, think part of the problem is that I'm thinking too much about it ;) not usually my sort of problem. I'll start it on my next running day and see how it goes, and try to keep you all posted :)


The assumption is often that each week is progressively 'harder' but that doesn't seem to be most people's experience, for all kinds of reasons. You may well find Week 2 is a lot easier than Week 1 (I certainly did)


Gosth a blog thread full of Lent, Litanies & Assumptions...... very Catholic in the week when the Pope declared resurrecting his running shoes or putting his tired feet up for a while.

Until running becomes a "must do" ...... because of your connecting with this course...... you seem still at a stage of "have to do".

For Lent you have adopted Discipline rather than Sacrifice sooooooooo 1. Get your kit ready before going to bed. 2. Get up 20 minutes earlier than usual. 3. Run 4. Shower. 5. Be ready to take on Uni immaculate, with a smile on your face.


I agree with what others have said about moving on. It is the progression that lifts your spirits. To think you CAN do week 2 is huge. I am 60 and can do it! Never ran an inch before this. For the first weeks of the programme I found it best to get up and put on my running gear straight away and get out to run before any other thing could stop me. Once the runs got up to 25 minutes or so I began to feel I needed a banana or something to get me through, but not early on. Get out there!!!! and enjoy!


Go for it! You will be ready. Each week builds on the last and just pushes you a bit further. I'm sure you'll be fine. Use your Lent commitment as a motivation to push you when it feels tough.


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