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now I've done this route a hundred times or more

so running along last night, getting back into my stride I drop down onto the tow path before I loose the light.

10 mins in and the all too familiar uugghhh can't do this, what was I thinking of, might as well stop pack up and go home.....

NO that's not what Runners do Matthew. You're a runner so you had better run, now pull you socks up (they're very short) and RUN

Now for once I actually listened to my own words, head down grit through it and the next thing you know mmmmmmmmm smooth slick tarmac path - there you are - my best sections to just loose myself and feel the freedom of the run.

beeeeeep "4km in 26:30" .... now in my world & with my legs that was fast - could I - could I do it - come on kid dig deep and just run it.

so yes - I've run it a hundred times or more, but I have NEVER run 5k in under 33 mins before - but I did last night. My very first personal best.

What a feeling.

Happy Running all

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Excellent!! Well done Matthew!


Super news Matthew. well done mate. Isn't it great to get a personal WORLD RECORD type thingy whatsit?!


Congratulations that's brill !


Proves the tortoise always wins


FANTASTIC MatthewW! Congratulations on your new PB :) :) :)

Well done for hanging in there.

Enjoy your great feelings for as long as you can. Great post!


Well done. You deserve to be chuffed. Best wishes.


We'll done - a great post too! You've inspired me for my run tomorrow morning. Graduated 2 days ago and currently doing 4.7k in 30 mins but can't quite get my breathing right. Will grit my teeth and just do it!!


Well done Matthew good time too. Its strange how many of us have a brick wall to negotiate, mine usually appears about 8-10 minutes into a run. I have to fight every run to get over that damn wall, if I can get into the 'zone' I'm sorted, if not I have a mountain to climb. I've got used to this hurdle now and once passed it I know I can enjoy the rest of my run as you have found. Good luck with reducing your time, chip a bit off every week or two and enjoy yourself while you do it :)


You describe perfectly exactly what it feels like... And how hard it is.. But so so rewarding. A big well done for your new PB, onwards and upwards and a step forward for your HM....


I think until you've pushed through yourself it's hard to describe what it's like. Great when it happens though, as you now know Matthew

Oldgirl my wall is from the start of running til about 22 minutes. I'm doing warm-ups now to try and get going quicker. Bodies are funny things aren't they! LOL


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