Just started - Again!!!!

After initially starting eight months ago, doing the three runs in W1 then then packing it up I just resigned myself to the fact that I couldn't run. Looking back now, in fairness, I chose the wrong time of year to start, just before the clocks went back and the weather did not inspire me to go outside at all!! However, now i've got a friend to do it with my motivation is sky high. Did our first run on Wednesday together and going to do our second one today, albeit separately (due to work commitments) but at the same time in different locations. Can't express how much I enjoyed Wednesday's run, I could actually hold a conversation all the way through and was so invigorated after I got home I then went on to clean and vacuum my car!!!! Usually I am totally lethargic in the evenings after work and it is a struggle to even walk upstairs to bed so to say I am looking forward to today is an understatment. Who knows whether I will manage to complete the entire programme this time but while my glass is half full I am definitely going to go with it. I've no confidence and feel rubbish in my clothes all the time so hoping that this, along with the big yellow thing in the sky, will massively boost me up. Long may it continue x


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  • Well done for coming back! It took me 3 attempts to get thro' week 1 and it was only the support of this forum that helped me carry on. I realised I wasn't the only one who'd found week 1 challenging. I've just come back from W6R3 and I still can't believe I've run (well that's a bit of an exaggeration - jogged/staggered and wobbled) for 25 mins.

    I've never been sporty and avoided exercise for 50 years but if you stick with this programme and this forum you'll make it. Look forward to hearing how you go on. Happy running!

  • Thank you cathymolly. Silly thing is i've been wanting to do this for ages but kept coming up with endless excuses like, people will see me, people will laugh, I can't do it even though I want to try, i've got nobody to do it with, etc, etc, etc. In reality, people don't laugh, people think "fair play - she's giving it a go", a really fit looking runner even ran past me and smiled and waved!! He didn't laugh - shock horror!!!! I've been receiving the updates on here all this time and been reading about newbie's who are starting, getting over any excuses and hurdles and basically just getting on with it I've wanted to be one of those people but perhaps I had to wait for the time to be right for me. After Wednesday's run I feel that I can really do this, that may be a little optimistic but I can but try x

  • The best time to start this lark is when you feel ready for it - and obviously, you do. If somebody had told me a few months ago that I'd ever be going out for a run on a Sunday lunchtime I'd have laughed at them - but out I went the other weekend. Keep at it and you will succeed.

  • Well you certainly seem to be in the right frame of mind for it. I really hope that having a running companion and your obvious enthusiasm carry you through the whole programme this time. Keep us posted...

  • W1R2 was done on Friday after work and I was surprised that I struggled a bit with it. I ran on my own as my friend was unable to join me due to work commitments but I was determined to do it. Whether having somebody to run with kinda distracted me a little or whether it was the initial excitement of starting off I don't know but I didn't expect to struggle with this one. I started off fine but by Run 5 I was thinking "oh god, how many more???". Doing W1R3 tonight and hopefully it will go ok although my friend is unable to join me again. Still looking forward to it though.

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