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Week 3 Run 1 - Getting tougher!


Ok, I'm shattered (too much work, not enough sleep this week), have eaten like a cookie monster (due to same), it's quite hot outside (by NWEngland standards anyway) and my legs are creaking, but I did do it - all the way to the end. And I had some pretty serious doubts as to whether I would manage till the end of the second 3mins. I found the bobbing head tip very useful and also fixing on a point (clump of dandelions, fence post) quite a way off in the distance, and working my way towards it, and then past it to a new one...

Feeling just a little bit smug - even though I look like a frizzy-haired beetroot.

Roll on Run 2.

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That's brilliant news! I too look like a frizzy-haired beetroot, so you're not alone on that score! Well done for getting to this stage and believe me, that feeling of smugness will just get stronger!

Thank you - maybe we should form a band - Smug Frizzy Beetroots. It's nothing new, though. I've always turned this colour due to exercise, event at school. It's just one of the things that put me off, for good, I thought. And my husband isn't here to laugh at me just now, so it's all good.

Where you at?

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