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Week 5: Run 3 and Week 6: Run 1

How rude of life events to get in the way of blogging!

Week 5 Run 3:

I must have been on auto-pilot because when Laura said to start running that's what I did and I didn't stop, even when my legs felt like lead, even when I was feeling tired, even when I thought it would never end. But I did it and I managed the whole 20 mins!!! I walked home in a daze, drank a whole lot of water and had a celebratory mango. Then my partner told me he was proud of me :)

Week 6 Run 1:

I am starting to feel like an actual runner now not just someone who is trying to run. I felt really good during the run, I have noticed that my rhythm and breathing is improving so much and I am no longer a deep beetroot during and after runs- now just a light peach. Can't quite believe I am up to week 6!!! Chuffed.

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Very well done, Lifewithout!! It is amazing to realize how quickly our bodies improve at this running, isn't it!! W6...you are well on your way and will be requesting that "Graduate" badge before you know it!!

Keep Running!! :-)



:) thanks! it is quite amazing that after such a small amount of time your body can do amazing things.


Hourrah for week 5 run 3 + week 6!

Well done.



Thankyou! :)


A very well deserved congratulations! :-) It also helps to have asupportive partner as you do. Keep on running, that badge is waiting! :-) Gayle


yeah he is a good egg :)

oooh yeah- It seemed such a long way away at the start but now I am only 3 weeks from graduation it seems so fast!


Well done you - I was worried you had melted running in all that heat but you sound as if you're doing fine! Sadly I didn't manage the 20 mins last week so I'm going to repeat all of week 5 and try again next time. Good luck with your progress - I like the idea of feeling like a runner even if it takes me longer to achieve, Jan


I almost did! We had some really hot days last week but there is a mini cool snap at the moment which is great! I have been going out later and later and I think come December I will be running with the street lights as my guides so that I don't get horribly sun burnt or get sun stroke.

Don't feel too discouraged! It is a tough run but you can do it!!! I'll be here cheering you on :)


Congratulations! It does feel good doesn't it?

I too am beginning to feel like I could be a runner after years and years of thinking I couldn't do it.

I have just completed week five - have lost weight andI feel fitter but the best feeling running for 20 mins was it made me feel years younger - that feeling you used to get as a kid when you ran just for the fun of it. I think I'm hooked!!


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