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Ive just gone an done it!!...ran my 3rd run of Wk9...woohoo!!

cannot believe I am heer, I printed off the chart to help visualise what was in front of me as I started this programme, on the Monday 3rd Feb after 6pm (had to be dark as I wasn't confident) ... 1st run I thought what am I doing??....(been 30yr fae av run!)...but kept with my 6pm runs. Became a ritual

came on line. Read up on peoples journeys/challenges and the support that was given helped me through the programme. without I don't think I would have seen this to the end.

have had some great runs. Feeling on a

and some major brick wall moments....

but I kept with it re-running a few ..which I felt I needed to do

And heer I am to day. Just in from my last run in Wk9..and I have an amazing feeling of..


Am going to stick with Wk 9 Run 3 for a while ..enjoy my journey of 0-30 min run in

then when I feel ready to move on am going to give the stepping stone/speed and stamina a go... a don't want this to end..ever..its such an amazing feeling after a lifts your moods. Feel better about yourself. Feeling of achievement...

So 18th May..Race For Life...I am coming to get

(The reason why I started this C25K)

so....Onwards and Upwards....Things are gony Get Better...woohoo..!!!

Have a fantastic wk-end folks....


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Fantastic news! Well done and what an achievement, and inspiration to those of us not quite there yet! And it's a BH weekend for you to really make the most of that feel-good factor!


thanks....and good luck to you and your journey through the C25k..if feeling a bit dishearten at times. This community will help you through it..and put you back on track to feeling positive...its been a life saver for me at times...

have a good wk-end too..jules


Congratulations Jules!


Many thanks.. Have had an amazing time .. An heers ta the future runs too.. Woohoo.. Lol


Well done and many CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS. You've got the reward for all your hard work over the weeks. Enjoy your success, you've earned it. Good luck with the R4L, mine's on 15 June. Enjoy your further runs with the current podcasts but good luck when you start the stepping stones/speed/stamina podcasts. My very best wishes to you.


Thanks... Good luck wi your RFL in June.. It was a challenge a set my self in Jan this ye to do it this yr.. An now feel an ready to give it my best.. Going to enjoy it.. Not rush it.. As it will be a buzz with all the others there.. Heers to our future challenges we set ourselves.. Looking forward to reading how you got on.. Cheers. Jules


Congratulations Juliewooly, what a wonderful achievement.


Many thanks... Have had a ball on ma journey fae Wk1 Run 1.... To Wk9 run 3...

At times were hard.. But a managed to pull it back wi the support of this community..

Have a great wk-end and enjoy yer own journey along the way.. Jules


Fantastic, well done! Enjoy your running and good luck with your Race for Life x


Thanks.. Still on a high..(even after nightshift).. Lol

Still pinch myself as to what I've achieved.. Such an amazing feeling.. X


Brilliant ! Wear your shiny new badge with pride, you've earned it , and all the best wishes to you on your future runs ! xx


Thanks it means so much .. Such an amazing feeling to achieve it.. At times a nearly gave up.. And thought I would never achieve it.. And heer I am.. Lol

Nothing is impossible.. Everything is achievable with a little help and encouragement from all on the support I have got/read on heer.. Onwards an upwards.. Woohoo


Fabulous...well done Jules, its a great feeling isn't it? I so hope you continue to enjoy your running :)


Thanks .. Yea it's such an amazing feeling off achievement.. Still cannot believe a am heer from my 1st run.. A did wonder if I had it in me to see it to the end.. (Well it's not the end but a new beginning of something that's a part of my life/routine now)

To heer.. Running .. Am not a sprinter or ever will be.. Lol

But am hooked.. An have inspired my daughters to give it a try.. So that means a lot to me.. Woohoo..

Heers to all our (new runners and old ones too..) to our journey of running..

Great feeling..


Well done!


Thank you for your support .. I hope your journey will be as amazing as mine has been and still is..

With such amazing support from all on heer who have helped me through times a thought a would give up.. So glad a managed to pull it back and keep going..


Welcome to the graduate club, fellow runner.


Thanks.. It's such a surreal feeling.. But am on a high still .. Lol

It's now a part of my life/routine now.. An am loving every min of it..


Fantastic, well done :)

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Thank you.. With out the support on heer a wouldnt have made it to the end..

It has helped so much at times..

Heers to our future runs.. Jules


Yay! Well done!


Thank you ... Still on a high from it.. Feels so surreal .. When I think of my 1st run to now.. A just smile at what I have achieved.. And now is a part of my life/routine now..

Onwards an upwards.. X


Great stuff ! You are an inspiration to us all , just wanted to say a MAHOOSIVE WELL DONE to you and all the very best wishes to you for R4L , you can do it ! :-)) xx


Thank you ... Good luck with your own journey with C25K..

It's an amazing feeling when you know your on your last run on wk9.. You kinda dont want it to end.. Lol

Well it isn't .. It's just the beginning if a new journey .. An by the time you get there it becomes part of your life/routine running..

Have a fantastic time and enjoy your journey.. Jules


Well done. Such a great achievement. It feels good doesn't it?! None of us seem to have realised when we began the programme how life changing it would turn out to be.

Congratulations and enjoy the feeling!



Yea your right.. Cannot beleive I am heer saying.." I've just completed the NHS C25K!!"

I have enjoyed it so much and cannot imagine now not running..

Thanks .. Jules


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