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Just gone and done it... week 4 run 1


Done my week 4 run 1 today.

So happy and relieved and astonished.

I was so nervous about this one, as it seemed such a huge jump up in running, i really was nervous about going out, but i did it, yah me !:-D

the first 5 minute run wasnt too bad, and there was no one around to see my struggles lol and i was quite happy tootling along lol and it really wasnt that bad at all, my body wasnt begging me to stop or anythig, mega proud of me :-)

the second 5 minute run was tougher, but laura, fantastically well timed, as i was starting to struggle, laura piped up, if your beggining to flag slow down a bit, so i thought to myself, yes even if im only going about 3mph at least im still going..... thats the main point, getting to the end. So i pushed on and suddenly it was over. Was the best feeling yet. The feeling of acheivement. I nearly cried i was so overcome with emotion so so proud of myself. lol silly so and so i am.

So to anyone who is like i was and nervous about it.... it's hard, but week 1 was hard and remember you did it. Not 1 thing about it is impossible or too difficult, otherwise i would never have managed it, because im such a wimp lol . And the best bit... is the totally amazing feeling when you complete it.

still wooping....

roll on saturday morning week 4 run 2 :-D

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Im still 2 weeks away from week 4 but ill remember to reread this before I head out! Well done! you should be proud of yourself :)


will watch out for your blog, and give you a woop woop lol


Well done! We just got in from this one too!


And well done to you too :-)


I did run 3 week 3 this morning so am one behind you. Nice to hear it wsn't too bad. Won't dead it then! Good on you for keeping going. C


Well done!! I was very emotional after this run as well as it seemed such a huge leap from week three, i had convinced myself to do another week 3 , but didn't and like you was so proud when i did it, go us!!!


thank you, well done you too :-)


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