W5R3 - I've only gone and flippin' done it!!

I ran the full 20 minutes! Cannot describe how happy I am with that when a week ago I was struggling with the 5 min intervals. I don't know what's come over me this week. I'm visiting my parents and the first two runs I did with my mum, who completed this programme with a running group a few months ago. Then yesterday morning, I woke up earlier than planned, contemplated running, then just thought 'Sod it, just do it'.

My mindset was that I'd give it a go, and if I couldn't quite do the lot, I'd do as much as I could then try it again later in the week. I took it very slow, had a few inclines in between so slowed it down even more then, and concentrated on my breathing....et puis voilà! 😊

I said at the beginning of the year I wanted to complete a 5k, either in a parkrun or just in my own time, and now I believe I can do it. When I head back home I just need to remember this feeling, keep it up and hopefully I can get this completed by the end of November.

Also, for anyone reading this who feels they are too heavy or overweight to run, I'm 16st at 5'9" and it is completely doable! I felt like this when I started the programme again and dreaded when the running times went up. But it's amazing how well the programme helps you, just take it slow if needs be, and don't be afraid to repeat any runs, or if one run doesn't go quite to plan. It's all progress. Apologies for the long post, but I wanted to start posting my progress so it'll keep me focused and remind me of this feeling when I'm less enthusiastic.

Happy running everyone!


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10 Replies

  • The programme just works. It's a shock to the brain when you see the times jump on the schedule but it's a great feeling that 20 min run. Well done! You are a runner now!

  • Well done - that feeling you get when you know you can do it is great isn't it? Remember W6 catches some of us out but just ignore any gremlins - you are a runner!

  • Fantastic! Well done Rio... it's a brilliant feeling completing 20 mins of continuous running. I can tell you the feeling does not diminish when you step up to 25 mins.

  • Well done Rio, no need to apologise for the post, it's always inspiring to hear other people's story, do keep posting I want to know how you get on. That 5k is not so far off!

  • Yaaa Hoo ! Well done Rio !

    Fab fab post and YES YOU CAN ! :-)

    Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks peeps. I've got to say I've been reading posts like this for months and never thought I'd get to that point, but also reading other's posts make you realise your own struggles with it are shared. Everyone on here is so helpful and supportive it really helps people even in the small victories ☺️ Looking forward to my next run, I've got the bug now. My mum is also a huge inspiration to me, as she never thought she could run with a bad back and knees, but the club she joined were great for her and now she gets crabby when she can't run! So now we're going running whenever I come to visit.

  • Well done! I face that same run tomorrow...it's good to read the post of someone who's recently done it. Hoping I can emulate your success! 😊 Good luck for week 6 x

  • I'm sure you'll do great, i found the last few minutes hard but when she says 1 minute left (on the app I use anyway- zen labs) I just thought 'well I know I can do 1 min'. All the best for your run, let us know how you do and we can crack on with week 6 together 😊 x

  • Done it! Week 6 here we come...we can do this 😊 x

  • This is really positive. Just about to start Wk 5 and a little worried about the jump from last weeks 5 minutes up to 20 minutes.

    Still feel very unfit, have found the last four weeks really tough but am perservering and this was just the post I needed to read - Well done!


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