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Groin niggle - help!

I have managed 2 x 5k runs since graduating (approx 38 mins each) - yippee! But yesterday I ran up quite a steep hill and seemed to pick up a little groin pain - OK when walking, just "there" when running. Any ideas from you incredibly helpful and supportive fellow "proper" runners out there? I was aiming to do the first Stepping Stones run tomorrow but not sure now. Thanks.

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I know nothing about groins but I would say that maybe a day's rest will sort it. I sometimes get pain when I take the dog on a long walk, as I did today. More of a dull ache but it goes with a rest

I hope yours does too. If you're new to running you will get new runners aches and pains, which evaporate once you start getting fitter

See your doc if the pain persists, of course


Ice pack and a few days rest should hopefully cure you of your ills. Tomorrows run may be too soon I'm afraid.


I had a groin strain which was painful when running especially downhill. I was advised to make sure that i stretched before running which was an impossibility as that was when the pain was at its most severe. I tried periods of rest for 2 and then 3 weeks but it refused to heal. Eventually it did heal itself. I would probably recommend anti inflammatory drugs but if it is not too severe then hopefully a rest period of 1 to 2 weeks depending on your age and how fast you heal.


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