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Advice for knee niggle required

Whilst I am running I feel absolutely fine BUT am having some knee issues. There's no pain exactly but coming down/ going up stairs/getting up from a chair it feels a bit niggly. I know I'm not explaining too well but I'm hoping someone will recognise the description. I am now prancing around the room asking my husband if my knee looks swollen - he doesn't look too impressed!!! It seems a bit swollen but no pain, even on touch.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

On a more cheerful note, I ran in the company of Rhod Gilbert today (not in person more's the pity) laughed out loud so many times and thoroughly enjoyed my run. I'm thinking to invite Eddie Izzard along on Wednesday!

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How do you manage that? Please enlighten me - a newbie to all this podcast stuff.


I am loving the podcasts, makes a nice change from music and I have found listening to the spoken word takes my mind off trying to breathe properly!! You can go to iTunes, do a search for podcasts and it brings up a fabby array of programmes. I download mine to my little iPod shuffle.


Thanks scotsheather. I have just got a new Android phone and it is a whole new learning curve! I took it out today with Endomodo on it. Thought I had set it to record my workout. Persisted with running the week 9 run and continued for the whole length of time so that I would know my distance run. Pushed on through the pain (and it was painful today!) to the last minute. Relieved when Laura allowed me to walk. How far had I run? ZERO K. Doh! There must be another button to click when you set off! I'm going to download some new podcasts now!


Lol!! The first time I used Runkeeper I touched something and reset the run halfway through, I just stared at my phone as if it was going to sort itself out! Enjoy the podcasts x


I experienced something similar a while back, niggly while climbing stairs, but fine tuning and walking. I started running with tubigrip bandages on each knee, to be in the safe side. Seems to have passed now. Keep an eye on it, take it steady and if it gets worse seek proper advice...



crox is right, take it easy, and if needs be use a tubi-grip. I have had knee troubles (niggles like yours) on and off for years. A lot of it now is probably knee strengthening, and will pass, but if it persists or turns into real pain, get it checked. My knees struggled for a while, then strengthened. Much better than they were, in fact the strongest they have been for 15 years.

Things to keep an eye out for are,

1) Are you running upright, so you get equal loads on each knee. (ie not leaning to one-side when tired).

2) Are knees aligned over your foot properly (I am v. slightly knock-knee'ed on one side). I had pelvis alignment issues about 10 years ago, which made both my knees turn in. I worked hard to straighten-this, my knees straightened and bingo.

3) Be careful not to over-stride. I read somewhere that your foot should hit the ground below, but not in front of your knee.

And finally, this really is important. Don't push your knee out too far in front of your toes. It's easy to do this when squatting, and this can do damage.

(I am not a physio (IT Geek), so please take the above, just as my experience, which may count for nothing. It worked for me though, now my ankles ache :-D)


Thanks Crox and Nerdio, I'm going to take your advice and hopefully I can avoid any problems.


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