Groin strain?

Hi all, After my last post I decided to try and run a little longer. I'm doing 3x30 min runs a week which are fine and I swapped the 4th run for week 9(?) of the 10K which is 4x10mins with 1min recovery periods. This is actually working quite well for me and I feel good doing it.

However, this morning I noticed a small pulling in my groin. I finished my run (30min) and then got ready for work. Walking from the car to the building I could still feel the pulling.

TBH it's not painful, more annoying but I think it might be a light groin strain. It's not awful and I think I can run through it but has anyone had something similar? Did you end up resting it or did you keep on going? It's really not painful.


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7 Replies

  • I would get aches in my groins occasionally and one fitness instructor I asked said it was common as you start running for longer. Apparently there are certain muscles there whose name I have forgotten. Sorry I can't be more specific. For me this type of ache gradually got less, but I still get it after a long run. I always make sure I do the sideways lunges as part of my stretches. However, saying all that, if it's really sore and doesn't get better like other muscle ache, then I would say you should see a doc.

  • I'd err on the safe side and have a day off, check it out online and if necessary ask your doctor's opinion.

  • Yeah I pulled something in my week 5 runs ignored the first pull and carried on running a few days later which was stupid as I've been on the injury couch for two weeks now. I have it in my top part of my hamstring and right at the bottom of my bum.

    So be careful and rest it is my advice xx

  • I had something similar when I first began to do fast longer runs. Like you, it wasn't painful, just an annoyance.

    It did gradually ease and I don't have the problem any more.

    With things like this, it is generally best to err on the side of caution but it sounds like an extra day's rest here and shortening a run there might do the trick.

  • Thanks everyone.

  • It could well be nothing, but don't ignore it if it persists or gets worse. I would be tempted to ice and foam roller it after a run. Also consider taking an extra day off to give it time to clear. What could well be one extra day now will end up as two extra weeks if you aggravate it.

  • I once had to walk miles to get home when my car broke down and I could hardly walk by the end because of a pain in my groin. It was awful. It disappeared though after a few days rest. It's our bodies letting us know that it's not used to what we're expecting it to do. Once we get stronger these niggles usually disappear as suddenly as they arose

    Hopefully, with a few days rest, you'll be good to go. See how it goes but don't ignore it if it doesn't go away

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