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Groin pain - advice please


So I have been running on and off for a while, in fact back on the program now (completed week 6, run 2 yesterday) but the past 2 or 3 runs I get this really dull pain in my right side groin area, along the inner thigh and to my knee. It even kept me awake last night. It's not a sharp pain, just a really dull ache that comes and goes. When I go to run the following day, I don't have any pain at all - it all happens afterwards. Has anybody had this? How did you treat it? I would go to my doctors but I know there will be a 3 week waiting list before I can even get seen FGS! :-/

For the record, I never have any pain when I am walking about or running - it's only when I am laying down or sat at my desk (which I do a lot of as I work from home).

Thanks for reading.

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Oh dear... well, we are not medical experts... but, from what you have described, it really sounds as if you should get it checked out.

It could be related to landing heavily.. but things generally ease or are constantly there..? You could try stretching and exercise, but that may do more harm than good... is there a walk in centre anywhere near you.. otherwise a Sports Clinic could be your next port of call?

My advice would be.. get this checked out ... :)

Jancanrun in reply to Oldfloss

Agree with oldfloss get it checked out, groin strain keeping you awake at night doesn't sound too good.


Agree with Oldfloss, get it checked out. Sometimes, rest is the only cure for these things, you may have to take a couple of weeks away from the programme but get professional advice.


Again, I am not qualified but it might be a varicose vein. You can't always see them but what you describe sounds familiar to me! When we are at rest and our circulation slows is when we often feel them. I get this sometimes in a similar area and know mine is vein related. Always seems a bit worse after a long run although not hugely troublesome for me. I assume it does not affect your running or movement otherwise?


Could be adductor muscle, plenty of rest, if pain goes away, gentle stretching of the area, doing at lot of sitting may be part of the problem, perhaps you could do some standing at your desk?

But I'm no professional, so would go with what floss has said, hope it clears up soon..

Okay thanks everyone. I will make an appointment (groan!). I can't really stand at my desk as I use a foot pedal as I'm a transcriber. Going to ring the docs now.

Ace. Next appointment is 14 August. Or I call today at 3 and see if I can get an urgent appointment... pah!

Grit your teeth and get in asap. The sooner you know what the issue is the sooner you will be rested and ready to roar 🐯 best of luck


I do hip swings pre run as I get it.

rammsteinqueenGraduate in reply to misswobble

Off to Google :-)


I used to get this after longer walks but as I got fitter and stronger from running it became less of a problem.

I have had recurrences after longer runs though so started doing hip swings as part of my warm up, as suggested by a fitness guy at a local race. I also do the footballer touch line warm up move where they raise their bent leg as if over the back of an imaginary chair. Gently does it, no sudden moves 😃

I got an appointment this afternoon in the end. Doctor did exam, thinks it could be a pinched nerve and given me Naproxen. I asked him if I could still jog and he said it should be okay as long as I didn't go hard (not much chance of that). I think I might have a couple of days off the plan and then see how it is. It really just comes and goes - very strange!

Fingers crossed the Naproxen will work, as I was prescribed it earlier in the year, to treat a trapped nerve in my shoulder. Needless to say, it did the job.


I've been getting it since the end of week 7, it's causing me a limp when walking and occasionally a weakness all down my left leg. Got a day off tomorrow and going to visit th e walk in physio dept


Hi sorry I know this is 6 months old but just wanted to know how your groin pain is now? Did it settle with meds? As I’m having exactly the same as you🤔 started off on the left thigh(groin) then it eased for a few weeks and now it’s my right groin? X

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