Annoying niggle!

Hi all, just posting for some advice from all you supportive peeps out there.

For the past week I've had a pain in my left hip when I walk. It's not excruciating or anything but is a definite stabbing pain rather than an ache. Strangely enough it hurts more when I get up after sitting for a couple of hours and it doesn't hurt as badly when I run as it does when I walk. I guess it's probably caused by the running - do you think?

I suppose I should go to the doctor if it continues but I hate having to do that. Plus I don't really want to take any time off from my running as I have only one run left to graduate and it's taken me 13 weeks already. It is a little worrying however...


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8 Replies

  • It is quite likely caused by the running. Difficult to tell if it's transient - in that it's bursa or ligament/tendon inflation caused by the sudden increase of use of your body, and which will pass as you get (even) fitter, or damage. I'd give it a couple more runs, and if it persists, think about getting some proper, professional advice.

    You do have proper supportive running shoes, yes?

  • Thanks Steve. Yes, I have very good running shoes (Brooks GTS 14 runners). I always thought running wouldn't be for me as whenever I tried in the past I would get really painful knees and ankles early on in the programme. That hasn't happened this time, but I have a niggling hip instead. Yes, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and see the doc if it persists.

  • Could you add an extra rest day, I need two! Do you stretch out properly post run? Take care so close now....

  • Thank you - I often forget to stretch - so could definitely improve things there. Usually I take one day off between runs one and two and two days inbetween the second and third run of the week.

  • I would be so tempted to do that final graduation run, oh I really would! But on the other hand I would also be careful. Is the pain on the outside of your hip? Lots of us on the forum (me included) have had hip issues and the general consensus is that it's usually because of an imbalance, in my case it was weaker right glutes, so I was slightly twisting on one side while I ran. I went to the doc who referred me to a physio and she gave me lots of exercises to do - squats, single-leg squats, lunges - and that really helped me.

  • That's interesting Turbo, the pain is inside my hip if that makes any sense. It feels quite deep. What I can't work out is why it hurts more walking rather than running. I do squats once a week in the gym currently. I think I'm going to do my graduation run on Sunday regardless tbh - I won't be able to keep away!

  • You need to get a foam roller and iron out those tight spots! Seriously, you can use a rolling pin instead but it does work. It hurts but works. Also, check out the attached. It might help.

  • Thank you Iris Princess, that link is indeed useful. The author also finds that walking is more painful than running. I really need to get a foam roller too.

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