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Week two completed!

Greetings all. :o) I've just (well, on Friday!) completed week two of c2k. I've been lurking here for the duration of that but haven't got around to posting and saying hello, until now. So, hello! This community is fantastic and I thought it about time I introduced myself instead of lurking in the shadows the whole time. I'm thoroughly enjoying running; I actually look forward to getting out of bed at 0430 (!) on my running days. I find running early in the morning to be so enjoyable and peaceful. Anyway, on Friday I completed week two, despite that run being a very odd one. For most of it I felt I struggled, until the very last 90 second run when I suddenly perked up and really enjoyed it. So much so I was very naughty and kept on running a bit longer!

It's only early days but I didn't think I'd get this far even, having not done any proper exercise in a few years. Run one of week one had me doubting I could even manage a minute, but I got through it and week two and am now looking forward to the start of week three on Monday. It's not often I'll say that I'm looking forward to getting up on a Monday morning!

After week one I was feeling so positive I signed-up to a 5k fun run in August. Something to work toward and look forward to. Then, this morning, in a moment of total madness, I signed-up to the Great Yorkshire Run in September. It's 10k. *gulp* Can I run 10k by the end of September? Goodness knows but now this is my motivation, my goal and what I'm working (slowly!) towards. I'll make Laura proud!

As an aside, I find myself talking to Laura. Surely I'm not the only one...?

It's a pleasure to meet you all; I'm looking forward to being part of the community here. :-)

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Hello and well done for getting week 2 out of the way. Enjoy it. I'm sure you'll be fine for the 10k, just remember to pace yourself.


Congrats! As for the 10k, you can go a long way, evidently, alternating running and walking.


A warm welcome to you.....and its great to have goals to aim for, and well done on your progress, I sense you have a passion there already which is great! Good luck and happy running :)


Hello well done. I completed week 2 on Friday as well and I must say I felt the same! I sort of struggled through untilthe last run then perked up and did an extra 60 seconds after (but I didn't tell anyone!!!) I am starting week 3 today and like you I really enjoy it and look forward to it. I love this community it is fantastic and thereis so much encouragement that comes from everyone!! I talk to Laura too as I think of her as my ppersonal trainer and sometimes I find myself telling her off! It's great . Good luck for Monday

Best regards


Thanks everyone for the welcomes and the encouragement! Looking forward to W3R1 in the morning, but a slight bit apprehensive too. The 10k in September should be fine and hopefully by then I'll be much improved and will be able to manage it without too much of an issue.

Josie-Jo, I am imagining you now arguing with Laura, after your saying you tell her off! I've not told her off yet but I do chatter away to her. I was quite disappointed with W2R3 until out of nowhere I perked up and had a great final few minutes. I didn't want to go home but didn't want to overdo it either!


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