Hello week two!

Before I go any further- yes I've broken the rules - I didn't actually have a rest day between runs this time as I ran yesterday morning. But I figured it had been like 30 hours so it was probably OK, plus I can't now run again till Thursday so needed to get one in tonight!

This was my first run of week two and it took a lot to get going today. Pretty much a case of "get in from work then don't dare sit down until a run has been completed". I managed all the 90 second runs (just!) but am not really feeling any sense of positivity or pride tonight, unlike the runs from week one. I think it's this gloomy weather. Quite looking forward to runs in December when people have their Christmas lights up....that's if I'm still going then! Must get some long sleeved tops before the cold hits though...

Happy running! x


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8 Replies

  • You WILL be still going...and well on the way to graduation! I don't think you'll have done any harm with a day and a half between runs at this stage, but don't make a habit of it. Did you stretch afterwards? If not, it isn't too late now.

    Good luck! You've made a great start.☺

  • Thank you 😊 Yes I've stretched! Two days now when I can't run anyway due to life's goings on, hopefully won't feel too painful tomorrow.

  • Thirty hours is a pretty respectable gap between runs, so you might just survive, but, honestly, the rest days are very important for new runners, especially if their base fitness is not very high.

    You will get runs that don't give you a buzz, but the programme is brilliantly paced to deliver satisfaction and tangible results with minimal injury risk, so stick with it and you will be a fully fledged runner in just a few weeks.

    Of course you will still be going in December, otherwise you won't know what to ask for for Christmas.

  • Thank you - I'm not planning on making a habit of the two runs so close together thing! Roll on running clothes for Christmas 😊

  • We will let you off Tomato, seeing as though its you , we wont tell Laura otherwise she would be chasing you down the road with a big stick ha ha !

    Oh you will be definitely still going at Christmas and beyond . Thats when you get to showcase your new running gear ! :-)

    Well done and keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Thank yooouu for your encouragement (and for not telling Laura, I don't think I could outrun her and the big stick just yet!) xx

  • I'm another week 2-er that gets mighty tempted to speed things up by skipping rest days! But I know I'm just risking my (rather dodgy) knees so I'm trying to be sensible about it. I already have a mental list of Xmas presents to ask for that are all running related so that's inspiring me a lot! :-)

  • I think we just need to force ourselves to take it steady! Especially when the runs get more intense, don't want to risk injury. Hope it's going well for you so far though 😊

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