Week 3 completed :)

That's week 3 completed after a bit of a mix up with r1! I was working my way through it when I suddenly heard Laura tell me that was it, r1 completed! A quick check showed me I'd only been running/walking for just longer than 20 minutes so I thought there must be something wrong with the app and decided to run for a further 3 minutes and a further 3 minute walk/warm down. It was only after I had finished that I realised I'd ran more than I should have! I must learn to believe what Laura tells me ;) Lesson learnt and r2 and r3 went according to plan. Noted a slight twinge in both shins during r3 but, thankfully, they went as quick as they came.

I've also registered my details with my local Park Run in anticipation of completing my c25k graduation. Something I'm really looking forward to.

For w3 I walked at a pace of 4km/h (w2 at 4km/h) and a running speed of 7km/h (w2 at 6.5km/h) covering a distance of 2k per run.

Best wishes to everyone working their way through the c25k and to all those thinking of starting, just go for it :)

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  • Thanks, kittykat :) The wife doesn't think a park run is 'my thing' but I'll only really know if I compete in one ;) Yes, all my runs have been on the treadmill and will be until I complete the c25k. I'm hoping by the end of week 9 I'll be running 5k in 30 minutes, that's my target. Once I get there then I'll be looking to get a couple of 5k runs outdoors before completing in the park run. They're my plans, fingers crossed I'll accomplish them all ;)

  • Lol. Go for it, kittykat ;)

  • Well done on completing week 3. I bet you feel that you really are making some progress now - you are one third the way through the programme. The weeks start to get more interesting now and will start to fly by. Good luck with the first run of week 4 and best wishes.

  • Thank you, fitmo :) I do feel like I'm making progress and reaching a third of the way through the c25k highlights that ;) It seems w4 is another step up in time spent running but that's what we're here for ;)

  • Sounds like you're doing really well. The completion of each week is a real milestone. Good news that you've signed up for a post-graduation park run, that will give you something to look forward to. Good luck with week 4 :)

  • Thanks :) Yes, I love it when I can tick off another week. I'm really looking forward to the park run and, as you say, it's giving me something to look forward to.

  • hi!! Good job! And good post, I started W3 today, always following you :) and your info was very useful, yes, it seems short, but I did it exactly as Laura said after reading your post.

    Good luck


  • Thank you, Ana and I'm glad my post was of use to you ;) Good luck with w3 and let us know how you get on.

  • Well done. I am planning to enter the shrewsbury park run but am waiting until I am a bit more confident that I will be able to do a full 5k. I covered about 3.8k on the running part of stamina (not including the warm ups) so hopefully in another month or so I will be ready.

  • Thanks, willica. Same as me, I want to be confident that I can run 5k before entering. It seems you're not too far off accomplishing your goal so good luck with it and good luck with the park run. Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Paul and well done on your progress. Great to have the Parkrun as a goal too! Have you considered trying one of your runs a week outdoors? Be good to get familiar now whilst early on. Somewhere flat and scenic and relatively private to allow you to focus on your run (with Laura). Just an idea .... :)

  • Hi Carole :) It has crossed my mind and I do have nice woods, fields etc at the end of my road, literally a 5 minute warm up/walk away :) Thinking about it again, I may just try that. I'm starting w4 this Thursday and I could do r3 outside. Hmmmm, you've got me thinking about it again :)

  • Good!! Good!! and a jolly good!! :)

  • Well done Paul, hope your shins don't play up any more. Its good that you have your Park run goal, I was a bit nervous of doing them but glad I did. In my case, I start off the run with lots of other people around but everyone soon settles into their stride and I'm left to being mainly on my own again. I think running 'with' other people puts a bit more of a spring in your step too. Go for it! x

  • Thank you. I'm a little apprehensive about the park run but I'm also looking forward to it. I think I'll have to be careful I don't get carried away at the start and set off too fast :)

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