Who's building a portfolio of events for this year?

It's beginning to fall into place for me. I ran the London Winter Run at the end of January, and I booked the North London Half Marathon (20th March) months ago. I signed up for the Oxford Town & Gown 10K a month or so ago, and in a moment of weakness, put myself in the White Horse Half Marathon two weeks after the North London Half. Then this morning, I got an email telling me that entries for the Oxford Half were open, so it was straight there and pay my fee!

So, to date, it's one 10K under my belt (59:18), one 10K and three half marathons signed up for. I'm waiting for another local 10K in June to open entries, and keeping eyes open for more good events. Really looking forward to this year!

What have you got planned?


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30 Replies

  • What an inspiration you are!

    I'm planning on graduating, then I want to build up enough stamina and confidence not to worry if someone I know sees me wobbling along the road in the mornings.

  • Just keep on with the plan, and you'll be amazed at what you can do. This time last year, I was on C25K week 4.

    The more you run, the stronger and more confident you'll get. Fitness is a lot to do with it, but an equal part is in your head. When you get the longer runs under your belt, you'll believe you can do it, and accept that you're a runner.

  • Wow, I can't believe how much progress you have made in just a year. This time next year you'll be doing an iron man or something equally ridiculous.

    See there's always a new challenge.

  • Wow!! You're incredibly busy! :-D Truly an inspiration and an example to us a few weeks' shy of graduation that the program really works.

    I'm running in Regent's Park for 5k on Saturday 26th March for the British Heart Foundation, and in Garon's Park for 5K on 8th May for Race for Life. I'm on week7 of the program right now, so hopefully I will be able to run for 5K by the end of March!! I haven't planned anything else yet as I'm moving abroad during the summer, so I may do some things in Hong Kong when I do move. Watch this space!!

  • Sounds exciting! Most people can't do 5K in 30 minutes by the end of the programme, so don't be disappointed if you find the same. What I did, though, in week 9, was to keep going gently at the end of 30 minutes until completing 5K. I think the first one was about 37 minutes.

  • Thank you! I'm aiming for about 45minutes for 5K, but will adjust my ideas in week 9. That's a good bit of advice though, I'll keep that in mind! :-)

  • I entered one 10k and one precipitous 1 mile hill climb, both very small local affairs. Umming and aahing about another staggeringly hilly 10k which nearly put me out of running forever last year. Might do the Market Rasen 10k, the Spire 10 (miles) and a Community 5k.

    Since my leg problem I'm being cautious. Don't go mad Steve! You need to space out your runs or you'll be over-running as well.

  • Good luck with your running this year, MissW! Don't worry, I won't go mad - I'll be listening to my body. I'm encouraged, though, that of my last six Sunday runs, five have been close to HM distance (one more than that - a 14 miler). The other one was the London Winter Run (10K).

  • Wow! That is very impressive! I really wish I had done the London Winter run but didn't think I would be ready for it....annoyingly I was, but then couldn't afford it! Not doing my first event until May (a 10k trail run) and then have nothing planned. Think I might have to get searching now! I had planned to do a nice flat 10k in Richmond in March but it clashed with my son's drama showcase, so the best laid plans etc. Not quite sure where I will go with my running now I'm up to 10k. I think it's a great distance and I may focus more on trails as that's what I seem to really enjoy. Having said that, I do have a HM running mad sister who is trying to tempt me to run the Bristol HM in September! I cannot envisage making it round alive just yet so I am being very non committal!

  • If you're doing 10k comfortably, with the right training, you'd be fine with a half, and it really is a great distance to accomplish!

  • That's what my sister says...! We will see🙂

  • Hi Steve, I have a four 10ks and one half marathon lined up (that is another one after the first one on 27th Feb).

    Going to the Lake District in April for the Hawkshead 10k trail, then I'm doing the Birmingham 10k fundraising for a local hospice on 1 May. 12 June Severn Valley 10k trail and 24 June another 10k trail (Blakedown Bolt - also west of Birmingham). I was going to do the Birmingham Black Country half along the canals, but it looks like I may actually be in Germany with the kids on 2 July - good job I haven't signed up yet.

    I'd love to do the Oxford half some time, but am already booked to do the Tissington Trail HM the day before, so maybe next year.

    Other than the Birmingham run on 1 May, all my events are trails....I think I prefer it that way :-)

    One thing that really annoys me is that the one race I did last year and really wanted to do again (a 5k hilly trail in a local country park) has been moved from a Thursday in early August to the end of June and is the day before the Blakedown one. I found this out a few days after signing up to Blakedown. Not sure I'd want to do a 5k one night and a 10k the next night (they're Thursday and Friday). Will see, maybe I feel super fit nearer the time....

  • That's impressive, Dagshar! Hope you enjoy them all.

  • I hope so. I think I like trails because for me at least it's less about the speed and more about the challenge of the terrain and enjoying the scenery. At present I am actually looking forward to having the HM behind me so I don't have to do the really long runs any more and my aim is to be at a stage of fitness where I can "just run" a 10k without special training and too much time investment (other than 3 runs per week).

  • I'm sure you'll get there, Dagshar. It's good to work out what you enjoy doing most and be able to focus on that. I'm quite enjoying the regular long runs, even if sometimes it's really hard work. I'll be interested to hear what the experience of your half is like for you!

  • Wow - sounds an amazing schedule. Good luck.

  • You've got some good events scheduled there - good luck with that!

    I have an OCR in April and a few virtual runs (Star Wars medals!!!!) and that's about it. I had signed up for the Clough Taylor People's run but it was cancelled :(

    I think I'll do the night Halloween run again too.

    After my MoRun fun last year I've signed up again to do the 5k with my daughter. She also wanted to do a Race for Life (6 year old girls and pink!!!)

    I think I need to sign up for something else :)

  • I ahve taken to not booking too many races too far ahead, but enetering fairly close to the date. Of course this means some are sold out, but not many, and it is a lot better than losing race fees when injury prevents you from racing. Last year I had to drop out of a marathon, a Half, 2 cross country 10ks and a couple of OCRs due to injuries and did not get a refund or deferment on any of them, which was thick end of 300 quid lost down the back of teh injury couch, which left a rather bitter taste in the mouth.

    At the moment I am booked for 3 Spartan races, using free entries from marshalling last year and doing stuff for their blog, Toughest in April, Rat Race Dirty Weekend, Rock Soild, Bath Hillly Half and Exeter. Will do the local 10ks and am debating a shortish ultra in autumn. Other than that, races are going to take a bit more of a back seat this year - am doing more fmaily sporting things at weekends - rock climbing etc. Slightly concerned the Bling wall might become structurally unsound otherwise.

  • You're a beast! Have a good year, Rig!

  • I did a local cross country on 24th Jan (5 miler) then Chichester 10k on 7th Feb, got another 5 miler cross country this Sunday, then just booked in for Salisbury 10 miles on 13th March and Great Manchester Run on 22nd May so far! theres plenty of Local races here on the IOW so you can pretty much do one every month!! keep me busy!! :)

  • I'm doing Women's Running Cardiff 10k in May to raise money for Refuge and I'm doing CRUK 5k Pretty Muddy with my 13yo daughter in September. Lack of funds and transport restricts me so much! :(

  • My daughter wanted to do a Pretty Muddy but there is an age restriction on them of 13 and she is only 6 :(

    I hope you enjoy it ☺

  • Yeah my daughter has done 3 normal race for life 5k events with me and I promised we'd do it when she turned 13... She has waited 2 years to do it and a promise is a promise. Won't be long until your little one is old enough :)

  • That's nice that she's been looking forward to it. I'm jealous - I bet you're going to have a great time :)

  • She could do one of the junior versions of mst Obstacle Races. Spartan Juniors or Rock Stars or Nuclear Rookies or Dirty Dozen are all great and start at 4 or 5 - all my kids have done those and the youngest is only 5 now. Even Tough Mudder "Mini Mudders" if you had to, and had the budget of a small European country at your disposal.

  • Thanks for the heads up - I'll take a look. I signed her up for a local fun run when she was only 4 (pre my running days) and was shocked when I got there and it was muddy stream crossings, hills and hay bales. I needn't have worried - she loved it!!!

  • The tissington half is sold out!

  • I know :(

    I had my eye on it thinking I'd got plenty of time to see if I could get to the distance. Now I have well over a year :)

  • I had a very busy year last year with a HM, 4 x 10km and a Marathon. It took its tolll, so I have hardly done anything since November. I was signed up for another Marathon in May this year, but getting from 5 km to 40 km in only 3 months is just not going to happen. So I've got zero planned, and I intend to enjoy that and let myself re-find the joy of running simply for the sake of it, rather than as a constant pressure like last year.

    That said, it's an impressive line-up you have, and I hope you enjoy them all.

  • Have 5 miles at start of March (in NZ where I'm on holiday at present). 8 miles end April. Hopefully 10k Olympic Park in July and got a place for the GNR which has quite frankly terrified me. Seemed like a good idea at the time. So a busy few months here as well. Oh, and the Great South Run in October.

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