Week 6 completed :)

Week 6 completed :)

I do Zumba twice a week and walk the dog on a regular basis. I've always loved walking, and I can walk for many miles with ease. But running was a whole different ball game, I found I never had the stamina to keep going.

I came across the couch to 5k podcasts by accident, while checking my BMI on the NHS website, so I thought I'll give it a go. I've been kicking myself out of bed a bit earlier in the mornings and I picked a quite playing field where I would not feel self conscious of anyone watching me. I run very early on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday mornings before work, this way I get the weekend to chill.

I pushed myself to complete run 3 of week 5, but I was so chuffed with myself for running the 20 minutes, it gave me the boost to go onto week 6.

To-day I completed run 3 of week 6, and completed a 25 minute run...... I'm very pleased with myself. I never, ever thought I could run for a full 25 minutes without collapsing in a heap before the time was up. I even managed to find the strength to pick up the pace for the final minute when Laura made the suggestion through my earphones. But believe me, when Laura said 'ok you've done it, now keep walking for the 5 minute cool down' ..... I so wanted to just collapse there and then, but I made myself walk and I found I got my breath back before the cool down period came to an end...... What a great feeling I felt on completion.

Not sure I'm looking forward to week 7, because I know I'm going to find it hard work, but I'm determined and I really do hope I can complete the podcast. If I'm successful then maybe, just maybe I will learn to enjoy it ..... lol


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5 Replies

  • If you've got to this point, you can definitely get to the end! OK, maybe it's not easy, but that's what makes it so satisfying (when you've finished!)

    If the runs do seem tough, it's worth trying going a bit easier for the first half, and not worrying about how far you're going or how fast, just focus on keeping going! Which you know you can do! After I'd graduated, I did some slower runs, and found it was easier to enjoy them then. Though I still find I want to start off as fast as I can - hard to rein myself in!

  • Love your picture! :D Well done and don't worry over much about week 7. You're just adding a tiny bit to your 25 minutes. You'll be fine, if you follow Laura and greenleg's advice.

  • Thank you both for your encouragements ..... I start at a slow and steady pace, and I maintain that till the end .... lol .... Speed is not important to me, just completing and getting to the end and that enjoyable 5 minute walk .... he he he

  • MEGA CONGRATS! I, too, finished week 6 yesterday, and your comments about the final minute were identical to what I experienced. Glad to be in such good company...we're officially runners!!! Good luck for next week!

  • And a big congratulations to you also lolly188t ....... My mind is already thinking about tomorrow when my week 7 commences. Good luck and bring it on !!!! lol

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