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Week one completed!

Completed the third and final run of week 1 yesterday - YEEHAW! Looking forward to starting week 2 (haven't listened to the podcast yet so not sure what Laura has in store for me!). I was just wondering whether other people continue leaving just one day before the next run or if you now have 2 days "rest" before the next run, otherwise it ends up that you are running 4 times a week rather than the stated 3?

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Well done, you did it!

I am running every other day at the moment, I think the important thing is to listen to your body. A bit of achiness is OK but if you are in pain then maybe leave 2 days. You can do other exercise on your rest days, I do weights usually or sometimes yoga. I have one day a week where I do no exercise (well, nothing formal but I have 2 small children so don't get time for a lot of sitting around!)

There is a plan called strength and flex that you can do on your off days, there's a link to it from the main C25K site.


Thanks Cazvs. I did my second run of week two tonight but I think I have the dreaded shin splints :( I decided in the end to leave 2 days rest before starting week 2 as well, in the hope that I would be avoiding injury!


Hi rubygloom

Firstly congratulations on making that hard step to get out and give the program a go, good for you

It is very important to have a rest day or days in between runs, ideal is every other day and then maybe a couple of day rest at weekend. Your choice really. Don't stress about it if you have to miss a couple of days. You will be amazed at how quickly your body will adapt and fitness /stamina will improve

Let us know how you get on and remember there are lots of experienced people on here so if you ever need to know, just ask :-)



Thanks! I always leave one rest day inbetween, just wasn't sure if I was meant to leave 2 before going up to the next level. Decided to do that but have managed to pick up an injury anyway! Really disappointed as I've been really enjoying the C25K plan and am amazed that I am not struggling with stamina/breathing etc at all so far.


Well done on completing week 1.

As long as you have one rest day between each run you should be ok. I found it depended on what I was doing as to whether I ran 3 or 4 times a week. Just make sure you leave at least one day between each run so your body can recover and minimize the risk of injury.

Enjoy week two and the rest of the programme.



Thanks Viki! I have been really enjoying the programme but as above I am having a real problem with pain in my shins and am not sure whether to rest or just push on with it. Will start a new blog post to get some opinions I think.


Hi rubygloom, I am out running tomorrow to complete my first week. I have had the same thoughts as you. Should i be running more than 3 times a week? and if not should i leave more than one day in between my runs? Looking at the advice it appears that you should always leave a day in between runs. I had two days off between my first and second run due to tiredness from New Year. Do let me know what you decide to do as we are at a similar stage in our journey and would value your advice. Congrats on completing week one!


Thanks 40something. I decided to have 2 days rest before going up to the next level of the programme, as gdeann posted below. My running days are Sat/Mon/Wed leaving me Thursday and Friday as rest days before going onto the next week of the programme. I have a problem with my shins now though and am going to be gutted if I have to stop running as I'm enjoying it more than I ever thought I would! Hope it is going well for you :)


We ran Sun/Tue/Thur. Leaving Fri/Sat as recovery days. We enjoyed having the two days before moving onto another week. It prepared us mentally and physically. We also found we liked more recovery days as we progressed into the longer runs. Even if the muscles aren't hurting, your body really needs the recovery days. Welcome to week 2!!! Gayle


Thanks Gayle. Had my second run of week 2 tonight but had awful pain in my shins throughout, although I did manage to complete the podcast (not sure whether that was a good idea or not though now I have Googled about shin splints!). Really hoping I can continue with the programme.


Ouch! The only advice I can offer would be, do you have decent trainers? Some people here have had the problem, gotten new shoes and it helps. GOOD LUCK! Gayle


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