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Week 4 run 2

The second of these tougher runs completed this morning at the gym. Although I wouldn't say it was any easier than run 1 I did find that after a breather and a long drink I could do a bit of resistance training. So it looks like I am slowly getting used to the extra effort.

Touching every piece of wood in reach still no injuries - just a bit of tiredness.

Bring it on Monday!

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Well done john. It's going well. Keep up the good work!


Hi John

You're doing really well now. I don't think the programme gets any easier but it does set us up to progress and achieve more and more. For example, you can now do some resistance training after your run. I remember your very first post here when you joined the community and began your C25K journey. You'd been experiencing some awful abuse which has prevented you from running outside. Look at you now - you can have the last laugh on those abusers. I think the programme also helps us to become tougher in ourselves - bit by bit it gives us a quality of life we didn't have before. Enjoy your third run of the week and carry on with your brilliant progress with us. Good luck for the completion of W4 and my very best wishes to you.



Kittykat - good luck with the run on Monday

Thanks misswobble

Hi fitmo - thanks very much. Must say that I can't believe where I've got to in just 4 weeks. Support from you and others on the forum has been a big factor so thanks very much. All the best



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