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Oh Dear, Oh Dear - Gone and done it now!

This morning I completed W5R2. Bit tiring but not too bad. Then I got a phone call from the doctor with the result of my CT scan. A chest X-ray had shown a small shadow on a lung and I had to have a CT scan to find out exactly what the shadow was. As you can imagine, I've been sh***ing myself waiting for the results. This forum and my C25K has been keeping me sane for the past 3 weeks since finding out about the lung shadow. Well, today the doc rang shortly after I got back from W5R2 with the good news that I do NOT have lung cancer. I cried with relief and have bought a bottle of bubbly to celebrate this evening. But.......now the work begins for the real celebration. I've just signed up for my local Race for Life in June. Cheer me on as I have just under 3 months to train for it and am still only halfway through C25K. I'll do it though even if I have to walk most of it. Happy running to one and all. Best wishes.

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That's brilliant, you must have been very worried, happy celebrating and enjoy you race for life - plenty of time, you'll ace it. :-)

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Thank you. The C word is so scary I felt I had to do something to celebrate my reprieve. Best wishes.

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The best news today. Congratulations on the all clear. Get back to it.

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Thank you. The doc said it was nice to ring me with good news. Wait till she hears what I've signed up for. Tomorrow is a rest day so will get back to my Pilates/keep fit as I need to get more supple now. Best wishes.

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Matthew88Graduate in reply to

You go for it.

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My goodness how awful for you having all that hanging over you. Enjoy that bubbly because you have major things to celebrate! Good luck with the Race for Life training, and like you say - you can always walk some of it. Many others will.

We will all be routing for you on the day!

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Yes, it has been a bit awful but the programme and forum helped. All I kept thinking about was that I must push on and graduate. Now I have a happier goal. Best wishes.

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Fitmo what a relief for you, you must have been cracking up waiting all that time for the results, great new, well done. So now the hard work can commence, mixing up your exercise with your running is good, it makes sure the rest of your body isn't left behind (if you see what I mean) :) All the best and enjoy your bubbly you deserve it. :)

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Thank you. I was on pins all the time and, as already said, only the programme and forum kept me on top of things. I agree that mixing the exercise is good - I coped better with C25K the first time round when I was doing the keep fit and Pilates - just doing the running this time but will make a start on the other exercise either this evening or tomorrow morning. also a bit of cycling. Haven't opened the bubbly yet - quite fizzy on the inside already. Best wishes.

Crikey, it sounds like you've been on a bit of a roller-coaster! Glad to hear the worries about the scan can be put behind you, that's for sure. Great work on doing W5R2, get some rest now then it'll be W5R3... :) You're not far behind me and are doing really well - keep it up!

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Thanks. I've been following your progress and related posts - you are an inspiration. I think I went mad and signed up for the Race for Life in sheer relief - now I'm pooping myself about getting through it. Best wishes.

Best of news for you, I am sure that will help get you ready on its own but I am sure your training will all fit Into place now you have the all clear, happy running.

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Very keen to organise all the training, both running and cross training on rest days, keep fit etc. I started this programme, first time round, because I'd been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and needed to lose weight and get exercise to control that. I reversed the pre-diabetes but now feel that I have an even bigger goal. Now I know what led me to this programme - it's been a life-saver. Best wishes.

Great news on the all clear and a great goal to aim for. I'm sure you'll do fine :-)

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Thank you. My reasons for this 'great goal' were very spur of the moment. After getting my good news I suddenly got to thinking about all the people who were in the same boat, waiting for results, but not getting such good news. I felt something needed to be done so I signed up for the race - heaven help me now. Best wishes.

Such a relief for you I'm sure. Fantastic news!

Good luck on your race for life, I'm signed up too, but for early July, and am at the same point in c25k as you... We can do it :)

Okay Rebby, thanks for your good wishes. Yes, we can do it and, as we are at the same stage and both signed up for the race (albeit different times) let's keep in touch and help motivate and cheer each other. I have the 'dreaded' R3 on Friday but, somehow, it doesn't seem so scary now - however it goes. It's just another stage on the way to raising money so that, one day, people will not have to face the fear of the big 'C'. Or, as the website for the race state "Cancer, we're coming to get you". Way to go. Best wishes.

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Hi Fitmo. Yes, great idea to keep in touch, however I am about to start week 5 again tomorrow as unfortunately I have had a horrible cold which stopped me running. I'll be a few runs behind you but we can still motivate each other! Hope your w5r3 went well!! :)

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R3 went very well, I posted it on Friday. Thank you. Sorry to hear about your cold, it's frustrating when you are kept from running and sorry that you will need to repeat week 5, you've plenty of time until July though. Good luck with this week's running. Got my race t-shirt today! Best wishes.

So pleased for you . It must have been a horrible waiting game , glad everything is ok & enjoy your bubbly .

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I was lucky, others won't be, hence why signed up for race. Thank you for your good wishes.

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You will do it !! Just think of the relief you feel now, that will spur you in for those not so fortunate !! I climbed Ben Nevis for a Cancer charity last year so you will be fine !!

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This is probably my Ben Nevis. I just thought about how I'd feel if the news had gone the other way - I'd want somebody to run or climb for me. Thank you and best wishes.

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Feel your relief with the news and having taken up this running last year to do a Race for Life it is a great incentive and motivator. You will be absolutely fine and I bet you run the whole way. Enjoy the rest of C25k and all your challenges thereafter

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Thank you. As long as I get round I won't worry if I crawl it! No, I'm now planning my training to jog as much of it as possible. Best wishes to you.

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Oh my - so pleased to hear your news. I hope you enjoyed the bubbly! You'll smash the Race for Life - good luck with the training and - enjoy :) :) :)

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Oh my - so pleased to hear your news. I hope you enjoyed the bubbly! You'll smash the Race for Life - good luck with the training - and enjoy :) :) :)

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Thank you. Am now focusing on my training for being mad enough to sign up for the Race. Actually, if I drink enough bubbly I'll bounce round the course like Zebedee! Best wishes.

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Really pleased for you that it was good news from the doc! You deserved the bubbly :-)

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Thank you. Will open it in a minute. Best wishes.

Oh my word. Good news. Enjoy your bubbly!

in reply to marmiteandhoney

Thank you. Have got a bit blotto on normal wine first - just about to open the fizzy stuff. Best wishes.

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That's fantastic news! Enjoy your bubbly and best wishes for the Race for Life!

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Thank you. I'm lucky in that the Race is very close to home and uses the route that I sometimes use for my C25K runs. Best wishes.

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Fantastic news. Enjoy your bubbly, and enjoy the race !

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Thank you. I will have to enjoy the training first! Will get there though. Best wishes.

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Great news after a horrible wait. Talking about weight, I fancy W5R3 will be fantastic with all that weight taken off your shoulders you'll fly it. Good luck! :)

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Thank you. Now I have to get some other type of weight off my stomach! Onward and upward. Best wishes.

Oh my what an awful thing hanging over you but good news as a result !! be positive and do your best i will support you all the way!!! An admirable but scary thing to do good luck keep me informed best regards

Oh my what an awful thing hanging over you , however i hope you enjoy race for life and do well keep me informed you can do it !!! Best regards

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Thank you for both your replies. The race isn't as scary as waiting for results though. I thought it was a good idea to bring something positive from the whole experience. Best wishes.

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Oh Fitmo, can't begin to imagine how you've been feeling waiting for the results of the scan....it was heartening to read your honest post...I bet you've helped many others just by sharing it!

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I hope sharing has helped a few people. One thing I found is that friends often try to jolly you along and say everything will be fine. For some people that won't be the case. By being honest It may offer some comfort to others. Thank you for your reply and best wishes.

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What a worrying time for you, I am so pleased you have positive news now and can celebrate. Good luck with the Race for Life, you will be fine with that, and with the rest of this programme x

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Thank you. The programme has taken on a new significance now. Best wishes.

Really glad that you got such positive news and can now get on with the rest of your life... GOOD LUCK with your training, sending you a motivational cheer and hope you enjoyed your bubbly :)

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Thank you. Am spending most of today getting the training organised and letting people where I live know that I've signed up for the race. Best wishes.

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Great news and an excellent target to work towards. You'll do it; what's gonna stop you now? :)

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Thank you. Nothing is going to stop me now. Motivation is very high. Best wishes.

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So pleased to hear your news - both of them :) We'll be behind you all the way for the RfL, you know that.

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Many thanks. I'll be keeping people informed as I post my runs. Next one tomorrow. Best wishes.

Thank you. Best wishes.

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Brilliant news. Enjoy the race.

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Thank you. I've got about two and a half months to prepare. Got my race t-shirt today! Best wishes.

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That is such wonderful news! I hope you're still elated over it.

in reply to Tomas

Very elated, many thanks.

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