Oh dear! My first DNF!

Last week at Parkrun, I got a PB - this week I got my first DNF! (AND only after 2klms)

I had a rest day yesterday because I did not feel right - it was supposed to be a bodyweight workout day, but I just didn't have it in me. I felt much the same this morning but dragged myself along. My downfall was really that it was pacer day today - and having done 32min25 seconds last week, I thought I would follow the 32 &1/2 minute pacer. I could always drop back a little - I wasn't really looking for another PB this week. He seemed to start out quite fast -and I am a bit sceptical about our pacers - I really had no other way of knowing the pace, they hadn't put out Klm markers and although I had activated my stopwatch, it was of no use to me. But anyway, whatever the reason I dropped right back before even a KLm was completed - by 2K , I was DONE!!

Oh well, it was a short fast run - which is still good for me. I might think about doing some fast( for me) 1 mile runs around my local track every so often. Running slow and easy runs most of the time can be a trap!!!

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16 Replies

  • Hey , something in the air this week! I too had a DNF on thurs night. I'm gonna be on it on sun though and you will be too next run :)

  • Oh dear indeed. But never mind. Worse things happen at sea, as my mum always says. Except that in your case, I hope it doesn't on your cruise.

    I'm sure it was just a blip. Enjoy your next run!

  • Poor Bazza hope you were not too deflated.....no such thing as a bad run so onwards and upwards!

  • Yes -- ever onwards. I will do 7 klm on Monday , of course at a much slower pace than today - and I will listen to "King Solomons Mines" as I go along ( whilewatching for the Magpies - it's Magpie season here - not a good time for runners or cyclists! !!!

  • I was wondering that too. :)

  • Magpies are my favourite bird - very friendly , absolutely beautiful singers, highly intelligent -- but fiercely territorial in the nesting season. "Some" can be viscious - and attack cyclists (mostly ) but they don't like runners either. They will draw blood on your head and people have lost their sight in a eye from their attacks. google.com.au/search?q=aust...

    Notice the cyclists helmets -- google.com.au/search?q=aust...

  • OMG, that is seriously scary, theyre so big !!! I never knew that , blimey ! xxx

  • Just ask this young fellow - a Magpie has got him squarely by the nostril OUCH! resources1.news.com.au/imag...

  • There's a great children's book my boys loved called Waddle-giggle-gargle about Aussie magpies and their protective habits.

    Mind you, I was rummaging around the NHS Choices site last night and there was a complaint from someone in the UK that they'd had to give up running because of dive bombing gulls.

  • Crumbs!! That's terrifying. You'd need to run in full body armour! And here was me thinking it's only the Australian spiders and snakes that are scary. Take care Bazza

  • That's incredible - Budgies can be viscious too!!! superfunnyimages.com/the-at...

  • Ha ha , ooh heck, I will be looking at my budgie Sparky in a new light after that :-D xxx

  • Never mind Bazza, we won't tell anyone if you don't ;)

  • It's odd how things go, but I think you're right to go with your instinct and change up your training runs. I think a mixture of pacing is always a good idea, still struggling to find the perfect mix though! ;-)

    Good luck next time.

  • They sure can! You can quite happily do them day in and day out but your body gets used to them and settles in to the rut

    I got out of it by running 3 kms as quick as poss. Hard work for us older runners but at least they're over and done with quickly

    I was slow running 5 k last night and I felt like a lump of lead hammering round, and that I had nothing in the tank at the end at all

  • Sorry to hear about your DNF, but chin-up Baz, we all have days when it just does not come together. What is important is getting out the next time, and achieving a realistic goal. Which you will do, of course.

    It sounds like you may be under the weather, so take it easy.

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