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Oh dear! My first DNF!

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Last week at Parkrun, I got a PB - this week I got my first DNF! (AND only after 2klms)

I had a rest day yesterday because I did not feel right - it was supposed to be a bodyweight workout day, but I just didn't have it in me. I felt much the same this morning but dragged myself along. My downfall was really that it was pacer day today - and having done 32min25 seconds last week, I thought I would follow the 32 &1/2 minute pacer. I could always drop back a little - I wasn't really looking for another PB this week. He seemed to start out quite fast -and I am a bit sceptical about our pacers - I really had no other way of knowing the pace, they hadn't put out Klm markers and although I had activated my stopwatch, it was of no use to me. But anyway, whatever the reason I dropped right back before even a KLm was completed - by 2K , I was DONE!!

Oh well, it was a short fast run - which is still good for me. I might think about doing some fast( for me) 1 mile runs around my local track every so often. Running slow and easy runs most of the time can be a trap!!!

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Hey , something in the air this week! I too had a DNF on thurs night. I'm gonna be on it on sun though and you will be too next run :)

Oh dear indeed. But never mind. Worse things happen at sea, as my mum always says. Except that in your case, I hope it doesn't on your cruise.

I'm sure it was just a blip. Enjoy your next run!

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Poor Bazza hope you were not too deflated.....no such thing as a bad run so onwards and upwards!

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to Nellyharte

Yes -- ever onwards. I will do 7 klm on Monday , of course at a much slower pace than today - and I will listen to "King Solomons Mines" as I go along ( whilewatching for the Magpies - it's Magpie season here - not a good time for runners or cyclists! !!!

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RunonGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

That's incredible - Budgies can be viscious too!!! superfunnyimages.com/the-at...

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poppypugGraduate in reply to Runon

Ha ha , ooh heck, I will be looking at my budgie Sparky in a new light after that :-D xxx

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I was wondering that too. :)

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Never mind Bazza, we won't tell anyone if you don't ;)

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Magpies are my favourite bird - very friendly , absolutely beautiful singers, highly intelligent -- but fiercely territorial in the nesting season. "Some" can be viscious - and attack cyclists (mostly ) but they don't like runners either. They will draw blood on your head and people have lost their sight in a eye from their attacks. google.com.au/search?q=aust...

Notice the cyclists helmets -- google.com.au/search?q=aust...

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AncientMumGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Crumbs!! That's terrifying. You'd need to run in full body armour! And here was me thinking it's only the Australian spiders and snakes that are scary. Take care Bazza

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OMG, that is seriously scary, theyre so big !!! I never knew that , blimey ! xxx

Bazza1234 profile image
Bazza1234Graduate in reply to poppypug

Just ask this young fellow - a Magpie has got him squarely by the nostril OUCH! resources1.news.com.au/imag...

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

There's a great children's book my boys loved called Waddle-giggle-gargle about Aussie magpies and their protective habits.

Mind you, I was rummaging around the NHS Choices site last night and there was a complaint from someone in the UK that they'd had to give up running because of dive bombing gulls.

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It's odd how things go, but I think you're right to go with your instinct and change up your training runs. I think a mixture of pacing is always a good idea, still struggling to find the perfect mix though! ;-)

Good luck next time.

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They sure can! You can quite happily do them day in and day out but your body gets used to them and settles in to the rut

I got out of it by running 3 kms as quick as poss. Hard work for us older runners but at least they're over and done with quickly

I was slow running 5 k last night and I felt like a lump of lead hammering round, and that I had nothing in the tank at the end at all

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Sorry to hear about your DNF, but chin-up Baz, we all have days when it just does not come together. What is important is getting out the next time, and achieving a realistic goal. Which you will do, of course.

It sounds like you may be under the weather, so take it easy.

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