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Oh dear! First defeat!

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Oh dear! Had to shout at myself to get out of the house and into the teeth of this wind. So grumbling and unwilling I wired myself up and set off, marking the podcast marked S.... Didn't read the rest of the word as I was planning to do a Speed. Not so long running, good, eh? Virtuously out and running but not for so long. Imagine my horror when Laura introduced the Stamina run!!! That'll teach me to read the small print! Blimey she makes you work. I ran a flatter route which is fairly tedious as you have to double back but I didn't want to be on the lanes in this wind where you can't hear the traffic behind you. So I pelted off, waved and passed the time of day with a neighbour out walking do didn't hear the full horrors to come. Just as well! Actually I was doing pretty well but 23 minutes in id just had enough. The gremlins that I have defeated all this time finally got me. I'm sitting here now pretty disappointed with myself but then reason that this podcast is going to really make a difference to my running because I won't be beaten by it again, will I? And even if it takes me a number of sessions to crack it, it will be so worth it.

Onwards and upwards!!

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Don't be so hard on yourself - I haven't dared to try those podcasts yet, i'm a real wuss compared to you. Twenty-three minutes of something tough that you hadn't planned -(in difficult weather conditions, too-) deserves a hearty slap on the back, in my book. Well done, you!

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Old_troutGraduate in reply to mfamilias

Oh thanks for that!! I'll let you know when I have achieved the quick light running that Laura is talking about... Ha ha ha!!

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mfamiliasGraduate in reply to Old_trout

The word "Light" can't be applied in anything I do, let alone my running... and I'm proud of it too :D

Hello, have you just started this week or much earlier ? because you mentioned 23 mins, that confused me.. was it continuous 23 mins run ?

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Old_troutGraduate in reply to harry2016

Yes 23 minutes in according to my Fitbit when I slowed to a walk. I had twelve more minutes to go and sitting here I'm wondering why on earth I stopped🙁

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Those podcasts are tough. View it as a successful 23 minute run.

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Old_troutGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

They ARE tough so I shall take my 23 minutes!!

Speed and stamina are tough... I am yet to finish either of them at the right tempo/cadence whatever it's called. Stepping Stone is do-able but that took a couple of gos.

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Old_troutGraduate in reply to simonwilliamstutor

Ooh that's encouraging! I have done the speed at the right beat but my pace got shorter and shorter! And still rather far from the light quick run Laura advocates!

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No such thing as a defeat !! You went out and ran all big plus points in my book.

It is one day out of many, give yourself a huge pat on the back ,relax enjoy the rest day and go out next time and have a great run :)

Don't dwell on it,it happens

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Old_troutGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Unfortunately, it does!! Thanks for that!

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Go you..you will crack it.. we have all got our gremlins and our milestones, you were out there in horrid weather doing it! :)

Onward and upwards as you say!

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