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Oh dear, delayed graduation

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Am not so happy just now, should have graduated last week but my right knee has been giving me trouble. Off to the Docs tomorrow, to see what it might be. Have been so enjoying C25k, am gutted not to be finishing and not exercising, definitely got the running bug! Hope that what ever is wrong with the knee, fixes itself soon and I can be back out running in that lovely sunshine.

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I was terrified about getting injured at this late stage. Really feel for you. Loads of people get injured but with rest and care / physio, bounce back. Good luck. Feel for you.

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K9happy in reply to Buffy007

Thanks Buffy, I have been for a walk this morning, beautiful walk, but knee no better, however no worse, which I suppose is good. Will see if Doc thinks its as a result of stepping up the exercise programme, I have no history of knee trouble, or I strained something. If its a case of strengthening the muscles Steve_L has some interesting ideas with tape! Fingers crossed I'll be back out there soon.

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What's the problem with the knee? Chances are, all the GP will say is rest it.

I had some pain in my knee a week or so ago after running (I was really disappointed, because it was my first post-graduation run, and I really didn't want to have to stop running to rest it) . I looked into it, and found that taping the knee can give it the support it needs - it's often a case of unfamiliar overwork of the joint and ligaments/tendons etc. In lieu of tape, I got some tubular bandage and wear that over the knee from upper/mid lower leg to mid thigh, and it's worked wonders. I've done three 5k runs, including Parkrun and yesterday a 10k without any further problems. I can tell that it's potentially there (if I press on the inside of the knee it feels like pressing a bruise) but it hasn't caused pain or discomfort since.

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K9happy in reply to Steve_L

Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply, well, the knee trouble started just walking down my Dads hallway with a painful twinge, (nothing heroic!) sore for half an hour then ok, but with a feeling of discomfort not painful, and is been tight and with a bruised feeling. tho very glad no pain at night. Pain happens if I move quickly to the side or if I kneel on it. I did a light circuit on Sat, a little sore afterwards but no worse the next day. Walked to day, but need to walk for my job, looking after dogs! so am keen not to damage any thing further.

I'll see if the Doc says anything useful tomorrow.

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Buffy007Graduate in reply to K9happy

Great job!

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You don't say what sort of problem ? I am currently on the IC with "anterior knee pain" the doc said carry on running but when I went to the physio -"no running" and exercises to strengthen an imbalance in my quads ..

have you followed the PRICE system ?

have you had your gait analysis done ?

Go to doc 1st see what they say depending on what he says then decide on course of action :d good luck I hope it really isn't anything to serious and you can get back to running after just some rest :D

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K9happy in reply to Slow_Rob

Thank you, yes will see what Doc says tomorrow. I've done some resting, and a little exercise, but although its no worse its not better. I'd happily strap it up and gradually strengthen it if thats whats needed. This resting larks a bit dull!

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Slow_RobGraduate in reply to K9happy

totally agree resting is pants !! hope it goes well at docs :D

Doh! I know that feeling....mine was the calf just before week 9....you will feel gutted I am gutted for you too :( BUT it will get better. Hang in there and follow docs orders (or this forums orders!!)

Thank you, will see what Doc says and take it from there. Although the encouragement and help on this forum is invaluable!

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