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Pre-run energy boost?

My W4R3 run was a shocker! - and only 20 minutes long. Today I repeated the intervals of that day (3/1.5 and 5/2.5) twice over almost 40 minutes at Parkrun - and run what I think will be my PB of 38 minutes. :)

I had no energy at all on W4R3 - I run early morning so usually only have a drink of water and a coffee before going out -- but today , about an hour and a half before the Parkrun, I had a couple of pieces of fruitcake (made with white flour and sugar - amongst other things - but both simple carbohydrates, some grapes and a jelly snake. :) I am sure that I had lots more energy today.

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I run in the morning too, I find if I go after food, even a couple of hours, I feel sluggish. Might be better to stick to things without fat in, that takes a long time to digest.


Maybe have a banana? It's easily digestible so won't cause sluggishness or upsets


Yes -- good idea -- but unfortunately we had no bananas


I'm an early-morning person too. I've been getting up about 5:15am to get some food inside me so that I can head out the door as soon as it's light enough (about 6:30am at the mo...). I definitely find that having something to get me some energy is beneficial and I've noticed the difference when I don't do that. As I'm on a weight-loss thing as well I either have a SlimFast shake (230 cals) first thing when I get up or a banana or something like that. Then I have a home-made protein bar (recipe here: ) when I get back. I probably don't need all this for the short runs I'm doing at the moment but I find I feel better because of it.


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