Nice park run

Experimenting. I usually run before 5am, straight after waking up. Today I decided to do a Parkrun starting at 8am, so following all your advices, I decided to have a light breakfast (which I never did before a run) and then 1 1/2 hr later was ready for my run. Now I now know I can physically do it. Generally, I don't like changes but it worked.

It was a concrete path all the way, following the lovely Estuary, 2.5km return. AND, I overtook two walkers ! I also was not the last one. I lost time running on the spot by a carpark because the marchal was hiding in the shade further down and cars were reversing. I also was at the end of the queue at the start so lost about 10 seconds. My TomTom said my time was 8.43/km. I am happy with this. I will get the Parkrun timing this afternoon.

The only think I find difficult with Parkrun is the lack of warm up and cool down. I feel awkward walking around before the run and walking around after the run. The others just stand there and then run run run and pass me on their way back by the time I have only done 1.6km. How do they do it ?

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  • Well done and great pace. When I do park run I have a 20 min walk there and back so I've never really thought of the warm up and warm down more that my walk home is up a hill. I know a few of ours get there early and do a lap before the start. Glad you got in with your Light breakfast.

  • Thank you rfc, I think in future I will do a cool down by just walking around the carpark for 5 minutes but I am weary to walk around before the run as I do not want to miss my start. I think I will synchronise my watch with the organiser and force myself to do a 5 minutes walk. Right now I have slightly uncomfortable tight legs from the run and from lack of warm up / cool down but then it is a good excuse to curl up on the recliner and read a book.

  • Well done NHS! They've probably been doing it for years and maybe with age in their side, do you notice they're up on their toes running?

    I've struck up friendships with some guys 15 -20 years younger than me at Parkrun who have been running many years and usually finish in sub 22 mins, and pick up a few tips from them.

    I laugh when they fly past me and I shout at them "go on my son!" They've finished before I've even got halfway through the run! lol, but I'm just glad to be out there able to do it, albeit slowly, but I'm improving.

  • I think I will check their toes in future. Comparatively speaking I hit the ground flat and don't lift my legs too much, maybe I need to look this up.

  • I currently walk/jog to my local parkrun but before it started I drove to a different one. I also felt daft doing a warmup but I noticed that lots of people did. Can you have a brisk walk round before?

  • Next time I will park further away and walk, then will synchronise my watch with the organiser. I just don't want to miss the start.

    I did not see any runners warming up or cooling down but then maybe the time they arrived was part of their warming up.

    I did find I was a lot stiffer yesterday after the run so yes warm up and cool down are two very important factors.

  • I've only done a couple but I pace about a bit before the start, knee lifts as I walk. Always walk around a bit before going back the car - but then I am usually waiting for my OH who marshalls. And I always stretch before getting in the car - otherwise struggle to get out the other end!

    I did the scanning today - boy it was fffffreezing

  • I came 1st in my category (65-69), but then I was the only one.....๐Ÿ˜‚

  • You're too brave, I can't even run 1/4 of a mile :D LOL not something I should be proud of (I'm not proud of it but rather amused how I can't get my fat ass to wobble down the road hehe.... if there's food involved maybe then I'll run for it ;))

    But seriously, well done. I hate running, only because I just can't! :) Keep up all our hard work, you're doing fab! xx

  • Surprise yourself. I would have never believe I could do it let alone liking it. On the contrary I thought joggers were nutters. And look at me : I am a nutter too and proud of it ๐Ÿ˜€

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