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Pre- C25K preparation


I have said here many times before that, although C25K is a brilliant programme, it may indeed be too much for some people at first. So a little pre-course preparation is not only appropriate , but will even do you good. I started my journey 5 years ago at age 67 - at that time I could see that C25K was too much for me - so I started out on a walking programme for a month . I can't even remember what I did now but there are lots of programmes available like this one I then did this very easy introductory running programme from the famous MAYO clinic. It does not aim to run continuously but I did get out to 4 miles by the end. This plan introduces you to "run/walking". This all took me about 3 months before I started C25K which I then completed in the set time and could run non-stop for 30 minutes . It took me quite a long time before I finally was able to run a 5K parkrun in under 30 minutes :) . 5 years later and I have now completed 3 half marathons and am now training to run/walk my first full marathon at the ripe old age of 72 :)

For most people, 5klms IS a marathon - so start your marathon training right now, but slowly and easily :)

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I was born in 1946 too, and just doing C25k for the third time. Walking did it for me as well, I can walk a Half Marathon in about 2.25 and a 10k in 65 minutes, but doubt if I could run those distances at the moment, so like so many here, you are an inspiration.

Bazza1234Graduate in reply to Duddles

You must be a fast walker!! :) - I run/walk those times for the 10K and HM :)

DuddlesGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

I am an 'also ran' in most races. Some of those I walk against can do a 10k in 42 minutes . Mind you they have a fabulous technique and most of them are 40 years younger The ambition of all of us more mature walkers is to break the hour, but my farmers lope technique will never get me there. But we are still going and giving it ou all, which is the important thing.


That's amazing. Your post is so encouraging.


If someone was doing those things, I wouldn't discourage them.

But if anyone was considering C25K there are few situations in which I would think it appropriate to sow the seeds of doubt and divert them. Plenty of people 'can see' that C25K is too much for them but they crack on and do it anyway - maybe not completing the programme in 9 weeks (and we always say that's not important) I suspect that the time scale from a standing start may not vary much whether you do something else first.

If I had used walking as a metric for C25K... I'd still be waiting. I needed to spend most of my time in bed before starting and sustaining a brisk walk was too painful... both of those things are still true but I can run continuously for 2 hours...

Wow! Such an encouraging and inspiring post. Well done on the half marathons. I hope that will be me one day 🙂

Wow, that’s some journey and an inspirational one too! Marathon, HM? Not even on my radar, as my goal is 10k, and I’m ‘only’ 54!

Great advice from a great runner. All I can say to you is kudos Bazza! 👏👏👏👏👏

Inspirational Bazza!!!!!


Brilliant,Bazza -- well done indeed!

I also am 67 and am in Wk6. Would love to try a HM one day (did my only HM 30 years ago -- 1h52' but would settle for 2h52' now!) and it is inspirational to read your post -- thank you!

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