In spite of the summer heat here, today was the first time I have gotten under 32 minutes for the 5K parkrun. I have been 3 to 4 minutes off that time for the past couple of months - but I did push it today. :) I am thinking now that perhaps below 30 minutes is "possible" sometime in the future - but definitely only when winter returns. I will have an easy week this week and will run in the San Francisco parkrun next weekend - the morning temps there are currently only around 12C - so you never know , maybe I might make my sub-30 minute 5K debut before an International audience???

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  • well done, great pic,looks a lovely location to run :D

  • Wow well done you that's good going... And what a lovely piccy too.

  • Brilliant time Bazza - well done - that sub 30 is now a real possibility - go for it. Lovely weather too - I'm looking at ice and gales here - role on Spring!

  • Nice pic Bazza, looks a lovely place to run and well done on your time. Hope your San Francisco run goes well for you, and they keep you away from all those hilly roads. ?

  • Wow, fantastic that you are still making real progress ! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks !! Enjoy San Francisco and show them how its done...

  • Very well done Bazza. What a great location for a run; sounds like you really enjoyed it too! :-) Nice time as well. :-)

  • Wow! Well done Bazza - looking really good there! Wish it would warm up here a little.

  • Well done! Great photo!!!

  • Just look at the happy Bazza smile! Well done mate, happy running in San Fransisco xx

  • Fab stuff Bazz, you always look so comfortable when you run, you make it look so easy :-)

    Lovely pic, Well done and have a brilliant holiday xxx

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