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Couch to 5K
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week 5 run3!!!!!!!


i have done it, can't believe it, was so worried i would not manage it due my swollen foot the other day

but my body didn't let me down.

Had an awful day at work, so hectic didn't even get time to eat lunch so only had a pear all day, managed to throw

a slice of wholemeal bread down my throat spread with peanut butter when i got home cos i knew after reading

other posts how important it is to fuel your body and drink plenty, well it certainly did the trick for me.

I am so happy i could burst, cant wait to tell my 15year old grandson that he has a nan, who can RUN!!!!!! lol

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Congratulations! 20 mins in one go. That's really great. Get that grandson out there with you maybe ! Enjoy w6 :)


thanks for the comment. So happy tonight cant wait to run again on Sunday. My grand son is really into sport, plays basket ball for a team and also rugby so maybe i will challenge him one day to come for a run with his nan. lol


Brilliant - I'm facing that one tomorrow, so it was good to read your post !!


well done to you, thats great news! That run is a real milestone, hope your grandson is REALLY proud of his sporty nan!


Fantastic, I'm facing this one on Sunday so will have you in my mind? well done, enjoy week 6.:-)


thanks and good luck on Sunday.


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