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Week 5 in the bag

Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm so glad I don't look ahead on the runs.

I had a moan the other day about W5 R2 but my goodness, if I'd known what was coming up on R3 I'd have counted my lucky stars instead.

I wanted to give up - but didn't. I wanted to cheat and just walk really fast for a bit -but I didn't. I wanted to run elegantly - but I didn't!

My speed did fluctuate but it was still a 'rog' (a mixture of running and jogging!) at the end of the day and I'm happy with that.

I see now how weeks 1 to 4 build you up so much and I echo the others on here when they say trust in the programme. I never in a million years would have imagined I'd be able to run for these lengths of times, and that includes thinking that a few weeks ago when I was coming home knackered in the early weeks.

Cheers Week 5. I've a feeling I'm going to miss you. Mwah.

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Oh to run elegantly! Well done - your first 'long' run under your belt. Onwards to week 6.


Very well done... what a super post! You are doing wonderfully. :)

Take the feeling into Week 6.. slow and steady, as ever and remember, you are ready for the runs.... go you!


Well done, we are at the same place I finished week 5 this morning too. Pat ourselves on the back a brilliant achievement. Can't believe I ran ( although I love the term rog ) for 20 minutes. Keep going


Well done - that first non-stop 20 minutes really is a major achievement. Sometimes fore-warned can be fore-armed but other times it can be just something more to worry about - I think the 'just get on with it' approach is best! :)

I like the word 'Rog', though I've never been too sure what the difference between a jog and a run is - there's an Australian word 'Rogaine' which is used to describe a kind of orienteering - cross country running with a map kind of thing, but maybe save that until you've graduated :)


Hey you are officially a super-rogger. You want to run elegantly and i live in hope of being a chic podista... lady it doesn't matter, we are ace, supercalafragilisticexpialidocious runners


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