Wk6 run3 completed

Well I did it! But I can honestly say this is the first time in all the runs, I have been exhausted. I didn't feel as if I had to push myself but when I finished I was shaking and the old legs felt a bit wobbly when I was doing the cool down walk. Five more minutes made a big difference I felt. So glad there is a rest day. It's funny, I feel a little bit defeated which is silly as I completed it. I should be on a high. Never mind, no doubt some of you graduates will tell me you felt the same way at one time.


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  • Yes, I definitely felt bit down after some of the runs in C25K, is that what you meant? I Googled it and it seems to be do with not eating and or drinking enough. That made sense to me, I make sure I eat before I run these days. Some people prefer to run on empty, you'll have to see what works for you. I found too though that sometimes I got my high hours later!

    Well done on your progress, W6 is the hardest anyway, it's behind you now, onto W7 XXX

  • Thanks Curlygurly I can understand the not eating and drinking but that was not the case with me as I had eaten my evening meal at 6.00p.m. and run at 8.00 as usual and I always take water with me to drink on my run. I just think the extra 5 minutes made the difference.

  • I totally understand what you mean - I felt exactly the same. Strange really, as we ran further than ever before so should have felt even more 'high' than after the dreaded W5R3. I am only one run ahead - I did W7R1 today, and wasn't sure I could do it after feeling like you do now, but am pleased to report I did and am sure you will too!!! I look forward to your next post!

  • Thanks for the encouragement Ladyidle.

  • I did this run just yesterday and whilst I was on cloud nine when I finished; my legs were very wobbly too! You did it and you should feel very proud of yourself. Keep on running- we can do this!!

  • Thank you.

  • Well I take that as a success

    Belive me it is the same all over.

    Well keep going

    You are doing good

    Keep running

    Keep going


  • All sorts of reasons for not feeling brilliant. Maybe you had a real high after W5R3 and had high expectations of the feeling you euphoria you'd get when you finished this one, so felt a bit let down. Don't worry. All of us have "not so good runs", but if you've had a run then it's NEVER a "bad" run.

    Most of us find that sometimes there's just no obvious reason for a run not going as well as we'd like. Obvious reasons include setting out too fast or running after a meal or when you haven't eaten enough, or trying a new route which has a ridiculously steep hill to run up, etc, etc. But sometimes there's no explanation, so we just have to move on and go for the next run next time.

    Don't over-analyse the run. Feel proud that you got round and perhaps take and extra rest day before your next run. I can (almost) guarantee it will go better.

  • Thank you. I will just have to dwell on the fact I completed it and should be proud. Onwards and upwards. Saturday and Monday will be done in this country and the next few will be in Cyprus, so nicer weather I am looking forward to.

  • Absolutely - today was just one of those days by the sound of it. I loved the end of this podcast as Laura very kindly told me I was a proper runner now, and when I heard that I honestly can't remember if my legs ached or not!

    Keep going - you'll be fine. Next week is just another 3 runs same as that so a good consolidation exercise :)

  • Also I found that I felt better when I started doing non stop runs... I'm not suggesting you stop following the programme, it's really important that you continue with it, but that might give you something to look forward to...not many more weeks now until you graduate, then you can do your own thing. Not everyone feels like this though, there are many here who advocate the run/walk method, it just doesn't work for me.

  • Well done on completing the run. They all do good, even the ones that don't feel great or where you have to slow right down. Conditions vary from day to day, your own energy levels also vary. It's worth it got the ones that feel great. Lots of people seem to find W7 easier but if not, don't worry about it.

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