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feeling amazed! i managed week 5 run3!!!!!!!!!!


Just back from week 5 run 3, in shock that i can actually run that far!20 mins!!!! def a slow jog but who cares!? When i stopped my legs felt slightly disconnected to my body and now inside i'm very hot and glowing like a beetroot! but that doesn't matter! I usually run in the dark when not many people around, but planned to go this morning to avoid the rain forecast for later. The aim was to go at 7am when not v light but that didn't happen(bed too warm!), so stepped out at 7.30. Saw my neighbour and 3 labradors so stopped for chat and pat (always give me a boost they are lovely dogs!). I saw him last on week 2-(my last morning runs) so he was impressed i'm keeping it up! Saw i would have to face the public as full daylight now and there are a surprising amount of cars around. Decided as my throat was crackly to reward myself with mint tic tac each time Laura said"5 mins gone" and must say this worked for me! So for anyone on week 5 don't be afraid its not so bad and you get a real boost when you achieve it!

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Hi aliboo, Well done! That's brilliant. I've got this coming soon. W5R2 for me today. I will try the tic tac trick! Happy running x

aliboo70 in reply to no-excuse

Thanks for your encouragement. had a shower and breakfast, feeling good! May seize up later tho! off to work now, i'm on my feet all day so may have problems after sitting down for lunch! Tic tacs may be my future ploy to carry on getting through , though put them loose in my little zip up pocket so they don't rattle! Good luck with your runs, sure you will do well.

no-excuseGraduate in reply to aliboo70

I don't think i'm fast enough for them to rattle! Haha

aliboo70 in reply to no-excuse

Am sure you can!


Well done for getting through the week 5 biggie, top job! Plus running in the day light, I understand that one completely! I also like the tictac idea, not only out there running 20 minutes, but with minty fresh breath to boot!

aliboo70 in reply to redrunning

thankyou, I 'm surprised i am not that achy ....yet! tic tac ploy is one i will use again, minty fresh is good ! might vary to orange ones occasionally!! thanks for your comment, might do thursday mornings regularly as it wasn't SO bad in daylight!


Well done on finishing week5.I am about start it so was pleased to hear about your success!

aliboo70 in reply to pot58

Thankyou! good luck for your next runs....


Well done Aliboo and thanks for the post, it's really encouraging to hear about people progressing through the weeks.

Give yourself a big pat on the back and don't worry about others seeing you running, just think how many of them wish they could do it too!

Good luck with week 6

Thankyou! am actually looking forward to week 6 now, its given me a big boost tackling the 20 mins and succeeding! my partner made me worry though about eating mints while running, thinking he is mostly winding me up but i've had to send messages to people who mentioned it so i'm not responsible for anyone choking! sad how my mind works, hopefully running will teach me to keep calm and be confident and not care if anyone sees me jogging, going to do another morning run next thurs for end of each week! Good luck with all your next runs............


I'm another tictac fan. I put one in my mouth when I leave the house, another one at the half way point and then a final one during the warm down. I tuck them between the top of my gum and my top lip - and just let them dissolve !

aliboo70 in reply to ajwyld

yes i think i did similar to you! usually i'm a cruncher with sweet so that took some resolve too! starting week 6 tomorrow.......! hope they weather cheers up and less windy too!


I like this tic tac idea. I may try this for every half km or perhaps every km. Not sure our dentists would approve. Well done on the 20min- it's a biggy. Only thing I'd say about week6 run1 - You are going back to intervals & some have found this hard. Try not to start too quickly with your new found confidence but take it steady & succeed. Good luck.

aliboo70 in reply to waletta

yes , re tic tacs prob not to do all the time! mainly did it to try and stop my throat crackling ! plus my partner said be careful not to breath it in while running so now a bit paranoid, think he took this matter a bit less seriously than me, who being a worrier am now sending "be careful"messages to everyone ! i will try the slow and steady approach, thanks for your advice....


Wow. I've just completed W5 R3 and feel amazing. I tracked my run on Endomondo and ran 3k in my 20 minute run. Not sure how good that is but I was buzzing at the end of it. I have really enjoyed week 5 and despite it looking daunting to start with it has been an amazing week. To anyone who is about to set out on W5, don't be afraid of it. Go out and enjoy it and you will feel fantastic at the end of each run. Oh and in case anyone thinks I'm in anyway an athlete, I'm 55 years old and haven't run for 40 years. If I can do then so can anyone else.

aliboo70 in reply to SJN2K

congratulations! yes it is a great feeling and a real achievement! well done, roll on week 6, i'm starting that tonight though think i have works lurgy coming on hope i make it !

SJN2KGraduate in reply to aliboo70

I've had a cold for the last week or two, in fact I thought there was something wrong with the music track on my ipod at one point until I realised it was the sound of my wheezing!!!

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