Week 8 Marathon training- turned a corner- what a difference sunshine makes :-)

Much more positive this week. From last weeks long run - I was left with zig zag pain spots - which just moved up my body- right leg, left glutes, right hip- left back you get the picture. Just sore. So I made the decision - to not run all week - but went to the gym for low impact sessions on cross trainer, bike and spinning. Managed to go three times. I also went for sports massage - which was heaven.

After some careful weather checking - I decided to forgo watching my lovely eldest son play rugby (he apparently had his best game of season and got man of the match!) - and ran this lovely sunny morning. I planned 14 miles- and tried to map a circular route that would bring me back home. So the preparation was key - sans alcohol sat night- lots of pasta carbs. This morn hunted out all my fav gear - Black and yellow go faster socks, big pant running knickers, warm winter leggings. packed in bag - atkins coconut bar, skittles and a professional block shot. For drinks I have gone back to plain old water - it is just so refreshing. Loaded with pain killers - good to go!

It was quite chilly, but within 10 mins was baking is the lovely sun and having to run the shade of lane hedges. This bought its own drama of sheet ice that had not melted- careful out there folks - I really did not want to fall. I went out of town into the devon lanes and relised I did not have my iPod with me - so no running music. But you know it was such an idyllic day- sun shining, sheep out and about, frost on verges- so pretty. First 3 miles steady and easy- then a few miles of hills- so ran/walked. Then along beach-tried a loo stop - but they were shut - flooded with vile dirty water and silt (makes me realise how people have really suffered in the last few weeks). Ploughed gamely on and headed back into town and along the front alongside the River Dart. Lots of people dodging- but smiles on folks faces enjoying the good weather. By 10 miles my legs were really starting to slow and felt like blocks of granite. i managed to push out another two miles - but slow and heavy going.

But still vey pleased with output compared to last weeks v painful slow run.

So I am beginning to think in eight weeks time I will run the London Marathon - Roll on next week!

Happy running everyone :-)


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23 Replies

  • Well done and inspiring! I struggled with my 11.5km run today and was thinking doubtful thoughts about the hm I have entered in June; but your post is inspiring...I still have months to go, and I did finish it today. I will look at the plan and see when I should start proper training.

    Good luck for your marathon! :-)

  • Well done on the 11.5k - plenty of time for june - you will be fine. thanks for your support :-)

  • well done you my long runs tonight ive got to get to 14 my legs do the 10 mile cement legs thats good going brilliant work

  • thank you - you are right cement legs - will work on angel delight legs for next week:-)

  • had it tonight at 11 miles good luck

  • Wow - what a workout! Have you read 'Running like a girl? I think all you marathon runners are absolutely ACE! GOOD LUCK with the training!

  • thank you Beek - yes i have read and re-read running like a girl. I was feeling v dispirited last week and re- read it to cheer me :-)

  • Glad today and this week have gone better than last week. The sun and dry definitely make a difference. Lets hope the weather forecasters are right and give you a respite this week!

  • Thank you - as you say the better weather cheers us all up. :-)

  • I loved your last comment "So I am beginning to think in eight weeks time I will run the London Marathon". That's great to hear. You WILL run it; loving the positivity. Btw, I've read Running like a Girl too; great book.

  • thank you - just trying to brainwash myself. But actually i genuinely feel like it was much better today. Already planning my longer route for next week. PS slightly masochistic but I like being shouted at :-)

  • Wow! You are such an inspiration and I am sure you will do it- I am currently reading Running Like a Girl..........never know maybe one day I might ..... Gosh did I really say that! Keep posting so we can read your journey and cheer at the television when watching and then hear that you did it and it was amazing!

  • Thanks Hules - great support - i re-read a couple of chapters this afternoon while recuperating in the bath.

  • Fantastic Marathon Queen...you are doing so well...I am impressed sans alcohol, but WTF is a block shot? I am intrigued???? I am so excited for you...nearly there.......

  • cliffs block shots - get them online at amazon - to be honest a bit like eating a jelly cube - not sure about them. I thought I would try fruit pastilles next week and fruit sours. Gradually working out what suits. As you say nearly there - practically panting in anticipation . BTW great run with Leon today - well done you and him :-)

    cheers - am being spoilt MQ and insisting more expensive bottle of wine to be opened!

  • I'm wondering about this intriguing sounding block shot too. You are doing great, rising above all the challenges - and TWELVE MILES! ;-)

  • thanks not bad - see above on cliff block shots - not nearly as exciting as they sound. But fuel nearly sorted and needs to be experimented with as we are all different. Ha Ha 12 miles and my legs are not even aching now (but they were at the end of run). ...we shall see what tomorrow brings :-)

  • Me too. You learn sommat new everyday.

    Good luck with the training. You long distance runners are awesome

  • thank you for your support- legs are achy today - but ok

  • Well done and good luck with the Marathon - you must be excited.

  • Thank you - i am excited it varies from occasional euphoria - to needing to do deep relaxing breathing to calm the nerves!

  • Good luck with your training Suzybenj, you are easily as inspirational as Hemmo!

  • thanks jenny - very kind comments- Hemmo is inspirational - and my comfort blanket at the moment:-)

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