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sunshine and positive attitude definitely makes a difference :-)

so, went out after work for another splutter. its been 8 days since I last went out because of one thing or another (wont be doing that again!)

tea in the oven waiting for me when I get back - instructions to me fella to keep checking on it and if it burns he will be paying for chippy tea (grilled pork and Mediterranean veggies in the oven in case you're wondering ;-)

off i went. sun was shining but there was a little wind to keep me cool as i puffed along (still wearing my little bobble hat by the way, but memo to self, must wear me peaked cap next time in the sun as I could hardly see a bloody thing)

and puffed along I did!! did two lots of 5 minutes and then I rocked the boat by doing an 8 minute run. Yippeeeeee!

I did have to "dig deep" for that last one but I genuinely think that the sunshine helped and I also kept saying to myself ----- "I can do this, I can, I can do this, I can" (sounds bit like a steam train....;-)

I know sometimes I need a kick up the bum and you kind people are right behind me to do that (in a nice non-physical way of course - unless I meet you on one of the Park Runs or the higher ones in the future, then you have my permission.....)

but, although last night was hard and im aching this morning, I can say i enjoyed that run.

may that be a first of many :-)

keep running everyone and thanks for all your support. thanks too for your own blogs sharing your own experiences, its brilliant.

ali x

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Way to go Ali! Lets hope you have turned a corner, figuratively speaking of course! :) It is lovely in the sunshine and makes it more enjoyable even if puffing away....

Yep, we are forming a queue right behind you to keep you going to the end and promise only to get physical when we see you doubting yourself but we will get you over that finish line come what may!! ;) Enjoy revelling in the afterglow of a nice run and hope your tea wasnt ruined and enjoyed upon your return! Yum!! :D

Sue x


cheers Sue!! I am still smiling, and aching.... but a good ache.

My tea was lovely thank you - the fella had taken good care of it :-) . Had a piece of malt loaf too, smeared in lovely butter for afters :-)

ali x


Brilliant news.... So glad you've shoved the demons of that last section off the planet! From here the only way is UP! Off for my morning session soon.... 6.2 .... The last one with intervals... phew! Still chilly windy here, sun doing its darnedest to put in an appearance - don't think it will make it today... rain more likely :( However, gotta get a into g to make progress: graduation, 5x50 and park runs all beckoning! Soon, eh? Bring on the summer, sooooo ready for it now! Cheers, Linda :D


thanks Linda, i hope the demons have gone too. darn pesky things....

6.2 for you???? ohhhhhhh, youre almost there!!

bet you'd never have thought of park runs at run 1?!!! .

im reading a lot about that 5 x50 thingy, may look in to that when i graduate (positive thoughts see ;-)

Good luck on your next run, be thinking of you

ali x


LOL, :D to tell the truth still not entirely sure what a park run is! ... Am guessing its a wee bit different from a stroll in the park? Did see a 'park run' sign on a fairly local park fence a few weeks ago, still a weedy 'one-er ' then though, so let it go from my addled brain! Yep, this running bug has bitten... Great, eh? (So much owed to the wacky, enthusiastic groupies on this forum!! ;) ) After today's run am gonna spend some time compiling my own music into 25, 28 and 30 minute playlists. No more intervals. (See, more positives.. Have just assumed today will be just fine too! :D ). Yep, 5x50 sounds a plan, let's go girl. Lots of luck x


Now I came on here this morning, telling myself I'd just read today, no posting for a change.

But - how could I not respond to such a joyous posting from our lovely auntieAli! :) I was so happy for you, to hear you all bubbly and cheerful again. :) And enjoying running - yes! :D


cheers!!! about time I snapped out of it!!

couldnt do it without ya all :-)

ali x


Yay - fantastic! You enjoyed a run - that is so great to hear :) And malt loaf with butter - yum :D


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