Week 1 - Marathon Training!!

Never thought I would be typing those words. I started c25k in April 2013 and was somehow persuaded that a marathon was doable- that person clearly hypnotised me.

So I am entered for the London Marathon in April - and if nothing else it has kept me running three times a week over the Autumn and I am now up to a steady 10k. This week was the first week of my proper 16 week training programme. The mileage is actually less than I have been doing and just as well with all the xmas cheer that I have indulged in. 15 miles split over 4 runs - 2 x 3 miles, 1 x 4 miles and 1x 5 miles. It all feels quite modest- but i have really butterflies in my stomach of those distances building up. So week one completed today- with an early beautiful run along the coast. Back out again new years eve and poss new year day.

I am posting not to 'show off' but to demonstrate what can potentially be achieved- I started in April at nearly 13 stone, aged 49 and with rock bottom confidence. I am now nine months later one stone lighter and I can run 7 miles, and my mood and confidence is much better. I have a new job and have recently been promoted- I put a lot of this down to the running and this site- to keep me focussed and feeling better about myself. I am in actual fact frightened to stop running - as I don't want to revisit the person or place I was at in April. The marathon training is just a slice of madness in all this.

Happy running folks whatever your goals :-)


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28 Replies

  • Wow!!! You should be really proud of yourself and what you have achieved these last few months I think you are more than entitled to 'show of' Your happiness is oozing out of your post and is making me smile A marathon next --- phew -- way way beyond me so good on you I know what you mean about being frightened to give up running Good luck in your training Go girl!

  • Thank you so much for your support - really appreciated. I need all the support i can get as I do feel quite nervous.

    Happy running :-)

  • Just remember, slow and steady, Suzybenj. This running thing really can change your outlook on life as well as your habits and fitness. Heres wishing you all the best for 2014, and the marathon (yes you did say that!). Keep us posted with your training and don't worry, you've met all the challenges so far. We are right behind you, all the way.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thank you for making me smile- i am really appreciative of your support and wise words.

  • Wow - not only a marathon, but THE marathon. Good luck with the training, keep us updated with your progress X

  • I know - in a moment of madness I decided running the London marathon is a suitable tribute to my both year. I feel excited - but also the mouse at the back of my brain going - 'really....'

    thanks for your words of encouragement.

    Happy running:-)

  • Wow. How fantastic! I shall be watching your progress with interest. Do update us please. Best of luck. x

  • thank you for your good wishes - and i all definitely keep posting - I need all the encouragement I can get:-)

  • I am so impressed! Can't wait to hear all about your journey. Good luck.

  • thank you so much - it is early days- but it is now only 3months away - Gulp!

  • So inspirational.. Amazing. Oh and I'm so jealous I would do anything to be doing the London marathon... Good luck you will be amazing x

  • thanks JJ - I have taken so much inspiration from you - your comments and wise advise and what you have achieved.

    We have discovered running - happy days!!

  • Good luck- how amazing.

  • thank you for your support ;-)

  • Wishing you lots of luck, I'll be watching your progress and cheering you on!!

  • thank you so much - i will need all the cheering I can get:-)

  • Good luck! Keep us posted.

  • thank you - I will keep posting week by week- you will all be fed up with me :-)

  • So let me just get this straight. April 2013 - start running "off the couch". April 2014 - run the London Marathon. Wow!! That's quite a transition. Running really has changed your life. Go for it; we'll all be here rooting for you and cheering you on. Keep us updated as you work through the training, and best of luck

  • Thank you so much - I am slightly dizzy with it all - but posting on this site makes it very real. Thank you for your support :-)

  • What a fabulous blog! Your last paragraph says so much about how much can be achieved. I am really happy for you.

    London Marathon though, I am seriously impressed with your commitment and progress. Good luck. We'll be right behind you, maybe not literally but you know what I mean.

  • Thanks Nerdio - really appreciate the support. I will be digging deep over the winter months and posting on this site and the support will definitely keep me going.

    Happy running:-)

  • OMG you are so inspirational SuzyBenj - mega goal to do London - you will have a great time and keep us all posted.

    Are you running for a charity - make sure you tell us who etc?

  • Thank you-I blog/post to get inspiration from all you guys- it keeps me motivated to get out there running :-)

    Happy running

  • Fantastic! Really really proud of you, keep posting Im going to follow your posts to see how you are doing! What plan are you following? Do you have a link I can look at?

  • Thank you so much for your support and interest. The plan is from a book called The Non runners guide to running a marathon. It includes a pre- training programme similar to c25k - then a 16 week programme of running plans and psychological support. It goes with me practically everywhere- just having the book gives me comfort and belief that I can do this crazy thing!

  • Really inspiring, best wishes and very happy running to you on this incredible journey!

  • Thank you for your support- out a fews mins to do first run of week 2

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