Week 8, Run 3 Muddy in places, but what a glorious morning!

Week 8, Run 3 Muddy in places, but what a glorious morning!

This morning I drove to my local town to run along the tow path. Having warmed up from the car park to the river, I began my run hoping to get to the bridge that went over the river, by the weir, and then back to the tow path. I got that far and, as I ran across this footbridge, the water coming over the weir was in full flow, and it actually sounded like applause, the constant type you hear at perhaps the Royal Albert Hall. It made me smile, because I decided it was applauding my effort at my run this morning. (Dream on!) So, I passed some walkers with their pooches, of varying sizes, most of them returned my "good mornings" though not all. Having run across the bridge, I rejoined the tow path, met a few more dog walkers, and amazingly went further than I was anticipating before Laura said I had gone half way. On my return, a man was walking along in wellies who, as I ran towards him, began beating his chest. I'm not really sure what that was about, but it was quite entertaining. Probably trying to keep warm, it was a bit chilly this morning after all. The tow path was very muddy, and at times really slippery, so I worked out that it was safer to run on the leaves and the grass, than to skid about in the mud. I ran back over the weir to the sound of more applause πŸ˜„ along the path by the river, and through the town. Arriving back at the car to change my footwear, I glanced down at my feet - oh, 😱 but my lovely new shoes, which are only a week old today, look really rather muddy πŸ™

I can't believe it! At last, I have a photo the right way up. If at first you don't succeed . . . :) Happy running everyone! πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»πŸ˜€

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  • Flossie, what a lovely photo. Your run sounds great. I love the applause from the weir and the unusual greeting from, perhaps, Tarzan.

  • Yes, that's a great idea! Tarzan, indeed!

  • Great photo and post. Luckily most of our towpaths are paved or tarmacked a fair way out from the city. no mud problems.

    Though like you get the odd grumpy dog walker ! But l liked the bit about Tarzan in his Wellies !

  • Looks a lovely place to run. I love the thought of the sound of water being applause. There is a weird next to the park where the Parkruns are held. Perhaps I should run there.

  • Yes, it is, but the muddy bits were very slippery. I think you should run at your Park Runs, then run by the weir and imagine it applauding your efforts, makes one smile 😊

  • Nice one Flossie22 :)

    Well done on getting out for a run on a cold morning. I admire that...I'm not that brave! :D

    Your chosen route sounds absolutely lovely and it obviously is, judging by the photo you took. Oh, and well done on letting us see the world the right way up! ;)

    As for the applause...you may get that for real after completing your next week!

    Keep on running!

  • Ha ha! To be honest the photo being the right way up was pure fluke. I have no idea why the others were sideways or upside down. πŸ€” However when it did appear the right way up, I did feel a great sense of achievement πŸŽ‰

  • I now have applauding weir envy!

    That was a lovely post, thank you. I'm not a morning person, but posts like these make me wish I was.

    That photo is beautiful, too. Autumn has been spectacular this year, hasn't it..just look at that cloudless sky. Perfect running weatherπŸ˜€

  • Thank you Raven2016. It certainly has been a wonderful Autumn. Happy running to you πŸ˜€

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