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WOW what a difference a week makes


Last week (W8) I found so difficult, just couldn't get into any of the runs and really found it tough. This week W9R1 absolutely fantastic! Went early, still hot but so nice and shady in the woods. Took it real slow and my breathing, which I do struggle with was even and calm, even the first, usually horrid, 5 mins. The legs were strong and I really believe had I been on flat terrain, I could've run all day, ok, maybe not all day but you know what I mean:). It felt so good I accidentally did 35 mins although alas, as I get no signal here I cant tell how far I went but don't care, it was great. I think having two days off, drinking more water, sleeping ok all helped but especially the two days off. For me ,maybe I need that recovery time between each run so have decided unless I feel amazing or the temp has dropped to a normal 10 degrees!, I will take two days again. Works for me. Looking forward to next run, so hope its as good! Happy running everyone. X

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Well done you, week 9! Rest and hydration makes a massive difference and managing in this heat is an achievement in itself 😓

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We all must be mad running in this heat:) but its incredible how once you've decide to do something, somehow it just happens. I guess it really is mind over matter and having a positive attitude. Well done you for getting to W7, not long till you're on the podium.X


In this heat! Well done! 😎😎


When I was doing the longer runs it was taking a heavier toll on my body. We are asking a lot more from our bodies. And then you have the heat and that can be very draining.

Taking extra rest days inbetween sounds very wise. Good luck on your last 2 runs, hope you enjoy them.


Well done Jo amazing job, and 35 mins well impressive. Glad you enjoyed this one, it’s set me up for my wk9 run1 which I plan to do Wednesday morning then run 2 Friday and final one if all goes to plan on Sunday. Good luck with graduation this week Flossy

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