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Half Marathon Training Week 8

10 miles....eek. That will be my longest run since I started C25k.

I have been sensible and cut out the fourth training day sometimes when my my knee niggles and so far so good.

I am a little nervous but I can do it. Found myself a training buddy so we do our long runs together. That helps quite a bit actually although talking after about 8 miles is an art form!!!

I've have also this week converted to Miles from KM. Thought I should and it isn't as bad as I thought.

So all you lovely peeps, I hope your training plans are going well for whatever race you are training for xxx

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10 miles - that's a long way! Can only dream of those distances (actually more like have nightmares!). Good luck - maybe in a few years we who are struggling towards graduation will be where you are. Happy running!

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You CAN do it. I only graduated in August. I couldn't run for a minute when I started Couch.

the support on here has helped me soo much x


Ditto ... graduated early January and before that were years of attempts at running lamp post to lamp post which never amounted to more than about 3 lamp posts, treadmill and simply giving up as felt it was too hard. This worked and I'm now running 3 times a week, done a few 5ks under my own steam, did first Park Run on Saturday and last night just kept going for 6k cos I felt I could squeeze it out ... the freedom once you graduate is a revelation so stick with is and you'll be doing yourself a huge physical and psychological favour :-)


WEll done!!!! By the way there is a Marathon training thread running over in a new bit of the forum where you can discuss all your training highs and lows and races. Get over there and post your experiences. JuicyJu presides!


Hi Jules,

Sounds like it's all going to plan for you ๐Ÿ˜ƒ, it's only a few weeks away now isn't it?

I'm still having to stick to walking after the expensive podiatrist visit and resulting orthotic insoles doing little to relieve my knee issues but have now at least been referred onto a physio by my doctor with the possibility of an X-ray if the physio deems it necessary. You never know, come the spring I might be back out there!

Good luck with the rest of your training and the big day itself! Xx


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