Marathon Training - Week Seven-Injury and Self -doubt

As any of you know who read my posts on Marathon running - I am plagued by doubt and anxiety with regard to this marathon running. Last week I was really boosted by comments on this sight -mainly concerned with getting those mental running miles in the bank - i.e. when you have to dig deep you toughen up mentally. I did some tough miles last weekend in some rubbish weather. On Monday this week I developed an agonising pain down my right leg - to the point walking was so painful - going up and downstairs- a bit dangerous as I thought my leg would give way. Visited the sports therapist - who did a wonderful job of massaging and icing- it was like magic. The pain did not disappear completely but was much reduced. I decided to rest my muscles and do some cardio gym work. That was ok and then friday was 12 miles.

I picked friday - as it was a good weather day - I also picked a long flattish trail route. I was still v uncomfortable on my right leg - so i ran very slowly. The first 6 miles were ok and the flat route was a long slow gradual climb. So I felt quite chuffed I managed to do it. I adopted an approach I had read about for marathon runners - if you are injured or under trained- to run a mile then walk for a minute. I did this very successfully and then thought I would be able to fly the 'downhill' six miles back home. My left leg stated to ache and then my back ached - which was conspiring against me to run- I also had to make a necessary toilet stop - apparently real runners don't care about indignities -for me it was just necessity!! I did feel rather self conscious in the bushes!

Anyway I ran/ walked home in very uncomfortable fashion- completing the 12 miles. It was slow and miserable progress. I have also had a week of self doubt and quite honestly tired of hurting and being sore. Bored with the weather - and possibly bored with life being dominated by self inflicted running regimes.

But I and an epiphany yesterday- Friday i was exhausted and tanked up with pain killers all day and went to bed v early. I woke up Sat morning - dreading how I was going to feel and rather gingerly got out of bed to my complete and absolute surprise- not one ache or pain and my legs felt fine. How does that work??? So on the basis of that I have decided to stop wingeing and just get on with it. I am going to complete this I just have to work out a way to protect joints. So lots of gym work this week, another visit to sports therapist and 14 miles next weekend- just like that :-)

Happy running everyone:-)


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25 Replies

  • Suzibenj what an incredible story?! How on EARTH does one run 12 miles?? I mean.......say it out loud - "TWELVE MILES".

    I wish you and your legs well. Brilliant progress on your marathon training it sounds like to me. Have you got a foam roller? I bought one and get incredible pain relief from tired leg muscles when I use it.

  • Thanks DZ - and for shouting 12 miles - I do forget it was only a short whiles ago 3 miles was an achievement. I still find running three miles an achievement - but in my head I know I can do the mileage (even if my body is protesting).

    I do have a foam roller - which i use periodically - it has just been too darned painful this week!

  • You are all amazing. Such distances!

    Good luck to you and hope you stay injury free. VERY WELL DONE!

  • Thanks for your support Beek. It is really hard going - but these posts and replies keep me in the game - so 9 weeks to go until Marathon Day....

  • We should all shout TWELVE MILES! Keep on keeping on, you're doing great. :-)

  • THANK YOU for your support :-)

  • Well done suzybenj, I'm training for a HM and had completely underestimated the physcological aspects of a training routine. I can't even begin to imagine what training for a marathon must be like! Hang on in there, you are doing really well xx

  • I'm a hanging in there - but hoping I have turned a corner this week both physically and emotionally. 9 weeks to go - 62 days --bleeugh - feels like to soon but not soon enough :-). good luck with HM training- a distance I will be concentrating on after April :-)

  • Wow... Marathon Queen you are doing so amazingly well... What an achievement to date and so many miles on the clock. I have every faith that you are going to do this... One step at a time ... Well done you are an inspiration xxxx

  • thank you thank you- for your faith and support. I am on it - no looking back now. Clearly you are aiming for sub 2 hour HM - looks v achievable :-)

  • 12 miles is amazing!

    I agree with the loo breaks, I've got public loos in mind when thinking about where I'm running. The problem is we make sure we're visible when running with bright, LOUD colours but when we need to use a bush it sort of backfires (at least mentally)!

  • 'backfires' - v funny. And as for our loud colours - I had not even considered that and i was wearing a bright yellow top.....

  • So camo running tops for you long distance ladies!

    Well done on the amazing recovery. It's wierd how the body just seems to heal itself overnight. Good luck with the training Suzy.

  • You are right - camp tops now required. And yes the body is weird - exactly the term I would and have used. Roll on next week :-)

  • Tsk - spell check - meant to say camo tops not camp.....

  • TWELVE MILES! Wow that's amazing, good luck to you and hope your training goes well.

  • Thank you for your support - I hope the training goes well too! :-)

  • Amazing stuff, i can only admire from my 5k sideline! Have you read "running like a girl"? Inspirational and very honest story of one woman's quest to run the marathon.

  • Thank you - yes I have read ruining like a girl and re- read it I'm moments of doubt. Normal girl doing amazing things. I am a normal person- and like you consider myself a 5ker - so i am watching myself from the sidelines wondering "what the heck are you doing' :-)

  • Wow! 12 miles is amazing, you should be really proud of yourself, good luck for the 14 miles next weekend.

    You are very inspiring!

  • Thank you for your good wishes. The 14 miles - I can't even think about...but we shall see :-)

  • TWELVE MILES!!! Was that a loud enough shout? You're doing well; keep at it. "It's only 50% physical and 100% mental" will see you through.

  • Thanks ON - appreciate the encouragement and keep SHOUTING those miles :-)

  • Oh wow, this is so inspiring! I have every faith that you will do this, 12 MILES indeed! We are all right behind you. Just imagine the feeling of crossing that line. Just wow :)

  • Thank you for your support- sometimes it is only my imaginary image of me staggering across the finish line that gets me through a run:-)

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