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Week 5 - Marathon Training- This Marathon Queen has is up to double figures!!

Sorry for the title -'Marathon Queen ' - JuicyJu handed me this title a few weeks ago - and it amused me so much - I just felt the need to repeat it here today. I missed posting last week - i was really down in the dumps - - had a very stressful/busy week at work and felt my running was not going well - and confidence at very low ebb.

But I have just looked at my week 4 running diary:

1x 4 miles - confident zippy hill run

1x 7.5 miles good confident long run

1x 3 miles - miserable on a hangover - not to be repeated

1x3 miles-not completed.

So not as bad as i feared - just a general reflection of my low mood.

Week 5 - I started with a whole fresh attitude of "you can do this'- something along the lines of if you behave like you are 10ft tall and "I can do it' - then you actually can do it!! Big milestone this week - My first double figure run- and 20+ miles for the week.

Run 1 - My tidy/sprinty 3 mile run - lovely day - good.

Run 2 - Gym session - 3 miles on cross trainer and 3 miles on tread mill. (Dull but focussed session).

Run 3 - 3 miles - good confident run

Run 4- 10.5 miles. My best long run yet - confident and striding out- in a groove.

I feel very pleased with this weeks progress- particularly my mental progress- because most of what we can achieve is our heads and what we think. So I am trying to bash all negative thinking and concentrate of just the good and positive.

Books read - Phil Hewitt - thanks for recommendation - interesting read - particularly his father in law who started running Marathons in his 60's. Also read a womens running book - nothing new but neatly summarised. So I am as ready as I can be - I just hope I can sustain it. Have new trainers as joints starting to protest- will have to do some cross training to ease off pounding on roads

So I leave you with my mental imagery for this week is that I am a Tiger - Cue Katy perry - can you hear me 'Roaaar' ......

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Oh wow you are totally the marathon queen...I am in awe, you are doing fantastically on your training, and I had a bad week last week which leaves you low...but then up you get and off you go!!!

Run hard and run strong Tiger...fabulous!!


Thanks JJ- your support means a lot. I know the Panther is running mean and keen as well- great work - you spur me on - you are one of my virtual running buddies :-)

Run Hard and Run Strong- I will be quoting that right back at you and shamelessly plagiarising :-)


That's a brilliantly confident sounding post, ma'am. You are certainly clocking up the miles, Marathon Queen, and we are following your every step. You are another brilliant example of what C25k can do for a cuddly labrador......turn them into a running tiger!

Go suzybenj, go!


Thank you- and well remembered on the labrador front - sadly I am still cuddly - so that makes me a cuddly tigador!!!


Well done suzybenj - I'm in awe of your mileage. X


Thank you so much - I am slightly surprised myself - it is only when I type it here I realise what I have done :-)


That's a lot of mileage! Brilliant job. Go girl.


thank you for your encouragement.


Go tigador, that is wonderful, you are an inspiration to many here!


thank you for your kind words- but i also need to post here - so i get that boost of support. Onto week 6!


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