Week 10 - Marathon Training- Easy does it:-)

I am all smiles this week - at last my rather creaky body is starting to adapt to the rigours of running and built up some resilience. Some of you will remember in the early weeks and actually pretty recently- I have been tormented by lack of confidence and feelings of being tortured by running and feeling permanently sore and hurting. This resulted in lots of negative thinking and just feeling tired all the time

So I took an enforced rest and recovery period - and took a load of my body by using the Gym and spinning classes for some of my shorter runs. Last week was break through week on all sorts of fronts.

On my long run day I ran for 5 miles in agony - thinking I could run no longer - then a friend joined me and I ran another seven miles in no pain - but slowed up so I could run longer.

I seriously took the recovery advice and ate/drank the right things - and I was very surprised that I was not completely blown out for the rest of the day and was fine on the sunday. Limping by Monday - but assured by other marathon runners this was perfectly normal - and it was my body adapting- Really??

So what has this week Bought- very busy work week:

Tues: Another Gym session- 6 miles on bike, 3 miles cross trainer, 3 miles dread mill. This was to give my body some recuperation

Fri - Today - Few miles on dread mill, 45 min spinning class and then ran eight miles...and I lived to tell the tale. The really significant thing about today - is I could have curtailed the 8 mile run by half as I passed my front door. Had a pit stop - debated whether to throw the towel in - but felt I had energy in my legs - So back out the door I went for another 4 miles and even managed a sprint finish. ( I have to say I was also secretly pleased when at the spinning class I waved goodbye to mates with words 'just going to run 8 miles' - they looked seriously impressed!)

Been for a 'lovely' sport massage and feel great. My mind clear, body not hurting - all good. Finally those muscles have adapted! I am a little behind in the long runs and I am hoping to make it up in some sort of fashion (Although conventional advise is do not add too much to soon - or you will risk injury).

I am doing a fund-raising session with colleague on tues - between us we are going to complete a marathon on a treadmill at work. (Wish me luck - he is much faster than me!!) and then long run at weekend- will aim for 15 miles.

Tick tock - only 6 weeks left....

Thanks for reading an happy running:-)


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22 Replies

  • Wow sounds like an intense week! Good luck on all your activities this week, sounds like you will be very busy..... well on track tho by the sound of things!

  • Thank you - you are very kind. Just trying to stay calm and on top of things :-)

  • It is great you are back on good form, glad your body is adjusting to all the running. Good luck on Tuesday!!

    Are you running for a charity for London, if so please let me know the details!

  • Thank you for your support and good wishes for Tues. Will keep you posted on the fundraising. Yay on week closer :-)

  • Yes sounds like your body is cooperating and adjusting :-) we are seriously impressed to! Go girl!

  • Thank you so much. I will never be a magnificent runner and to be honest don't really think of myself as a runner. But when I write the things I have been doing- it does surprise me what I have achieved thus far.

  • You are doing so well. I can't imagine what you are going through, but I admire your guts and commitment. Go girl!

  • Thank you - 'guts and commitment' is the right phrase. I have had to dig very deep on occasion and have had very serious moments of throwing the towel in - but here I am six weeks away. If I can get to start line I will finish :-)

  • Marathon Queen you are so in the zone... And blimey all that spinning and cycling then running must be making your body submit to being über fit!!! Good luck on the long run too ... :)

  • Thanks - it has taken some time for my body to respond - I am still heavier than I want to be- but I am starting to look super toned - and it must be noticeable because people are talking about it. For Tues I am going to take a leaf out of your book - and take my 13 year old son with me for moral support - I am actually quite nervous- he can do a bit of running and charm people with flapjack:-)

    And I am looking fwd to your post HM report tomorrow - I am completely sure you will do fantastically well. We are all there for you - think of it like having wings at your back.xxx

  • I am in awe! Any ONE of those activities would have been more than enough for me for in a day. Sounds like you are really fit and improving your stamina. And going out for another 4 miles when you could have just stopped is great testimony to your commitment. Well done - and if your colleague wants to run faster then it sounds fine to me ... can't he just put in more miles towards the total??!

  • Thanks for your support - I am a little bit in awe of myself actually- which sounds a bit vain - but when I contemplated yesterdays run - I was not the least bit fazed- head down and just got on with it. Can't quite believe it is me! Bit sore today tho :-)

  • Going well then? ;) Great to hear that and looking forward to you aceing it in 6 weeks time.

  • Ha ha - yes going well. I am full of aches and pains today - but I have this thing in my sights now :-)

  • Wow! You are inspiring :-)

  • Thank you for your support.

  • well done sb looks like your there done my 13 this morning no gels just a couple of sweets 153 been out everyday since tues so nothing till tues my legs r the same good luck with the 15

  • Thank you. Good running on your part. I have been experimenting with gels and sweets - i like sweets more than gels :-).. so 13 on tues - aiming for 15/16 at weekend.....

  • jelly babies ive tried dates mango in packets sis gels i use get mine from tescos there thick but they do help my mate doing the london as well he s a bit up and down id love to do it keep up the good work and most of all enjoy

  • Really impressed. You are going to ace that marathon!

  • Thank you for your support.

  • I am always in awe of you, more so with each post I read. You are such an inspiration to us all - I cannot wait for the day we see you post to say you've done it. Exciting! Keep going - you are amazing!

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