Final Marathon training session

Lengthy blog coming up, sorry...

Nearing the end of my marathon training plan, a couple of weeks ago I did my 26K (16 miles) training run and about 10K in my leg started to twinge but I finished the run, however I think I ended up with a hamstring pull, triggered by my piriformis that I've been struggling with, before I started running I never knew half these things existed.

So I've been resting up and doing a couple of shorter runs, the thing is my marathon is in three weeks, so whilst a way with a great bunch of running friends this weekend, I've been umming and arrring to myself whether I'd get my final long run in. The thing is I didn't really want to start out my marathon only having achieved 16 miles in training and having to add 10 miles on the day.

So last night I read the internet advice for hamstring pull, rest apparently for 2-3 weeks, so I ignored that :-) and this morning I felt ok-ish so I thought let's try this.

First thing I notified was that I'd forgot to charge my Garmin and the battery was only at 45%, so put it on charge for a few minutes whilst I got ready, it only needed to get me to where 16K was as I'd decided on an out and back route.

Decided to run the Grand Union canal again, but this time taking the Paddington spur (great choice as no locks, so no hills, except the odd bridge), I could feel my leg twinge from the off, but mainly I was able to run quite comfortably, a run by the canal is never dull, always something going on, like the odd suspicious activity and this morning a police raid with what appeared to be a sniffer dog.

I plodded along, glancing occasionally at my Garmin to make sure I didn't go too fast a pace and also wishing for it to say 16K so that I could turn around and head home. All the time telling myself, oh you've done a third, etc etc.

Whilst away at the weekend, a fellow runner gave me some great advice (thanks Betty) that if you tell yourself your only stopping to walk for say a drink or a gel then it's easier to get going again and it worked, always worry that I won't get started again.

Anyway I did it, 32K (20 miles) and my run finished right outside a chippy, so I had a small chips and coke as a treat, mmmmm they were very nice. The thought of them had kept me going the last 5K.

Now to properly rest and recover over the next three weeks, plenty of physio exercises and foam rollering, if I can run injured I should be ok when I'm fighting fit :-)

Oh and my Garmin lasted, 3h8m50s, so a pace of just under 6 min/K

Can't believe that two years ago I couldn't run for more than one minute, this programme is awesome :-)


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43 Replies

  • Well done Phil and a lovely blog. Remember we are (a long way) behind you ;-)

  • We are all on personal journeys ;-) cheers Vicky

  • Crikey, that does sound a heck of a long way. Good luck with your prep and I hope you get to the start line without a hitch

    I think most of us can't imagine running that far. Maybe one day ....................NOT! LOL

  • I thought the same and the next thing you know a fellow member off the community is egging you on :-)

  • That's pretty fantastic! I also run along the paddington branch when I can - although thejust a very short bit of the less glamorous section around wormwood scrubs! As I build distance maybe I'll bump into you :)

    Good luck with the marathon - hope your hamstring gets you through :)

  • There are a few less glamorous parts, but it's nice to get away from the street and to see a little greenery

  • Well that distance and time certainly gives me something to work up to. Alas I am only on week 3 run 2 next so I have a long way to go! :D Who knows, I may post something like this myself in a couple of years time! Well done. Happy to hear you had a good run and good luck for your Marathon run.

  • Thanks. I thought the same two years ago, honest.

  • Well done Phil, enjoy the tapering, and I'm sure all will go fine on the day! Maybe next year I'll be at the same point as you, if not I'll still be running whatever happens! :-)

  • Thanks, I sure will enjoy the tapering, you still planning a marathon in October ?

  • "Wow" is about all I can say, sounds like you're doing so well.

    Very well deserved stop off at the chippy :)

  • Thank you, the C25K programme is an amazing start :-)

  • That is amazing, well done Phil (I had wondered how your marathon training was going). Piriformis/high hamstring - aghh what a pain that is, hope it abates for you and all goes well into tapering. Looking forward to reading all about the big day.

  • Cheers, niggles are such a pain (pun intended)

  • Phil I am speechless. That is one amazing story. well done and good luck to you for the marathon.

  • Thanks

  • Good Luck Phil - I am in awe!!!

  • Cheers, hope everything still going ok for you

  • Well done Phil - good luck in three weeks time

  • Thanks for the luck :-)

  • That's great Phil! You keep kicking on and being an inspiration for us.

    How are you refueling during the run?

  • Aftab we were saying how amazing you were at the weekend, 22mins wow.

    Using gels (same brand as given out on the day) every 45mins for the first two then every 30 mins from hour 2 on.

  • Well done Phil. You did well to reach your 20 miles at the chip shop - I had to stop short of 20 because the pub was in the wrong place ;-)

  • The pub was about 200m before, but the chip shop beckoned more, although on race day the pub will ;-)

  • Well done Phil! Really pleased you did it and your leg held out as did the garmin! Thought of you today as I was doing meetings etc. Lovely day for it and you can do tapering with chips and coke on the side! Lovely to meet you at the weekend xx

  • It was an absolute pleasure to meet you too. Were you warm enough today :-)

  • Wow, couch to marathon in two years is brilliant. Enjoy tapering and have a great race day.

  • Thanks, I still can't believe it either :-)

  • Wow... Well done Phil... So close now..I'm just about to start marathon training for October ... And it's those really long runs that will need forward planning to fit in... Good luck and keep us posted!!

  • Good luck, I'm sure your inner panther will see you through, my only recommendation would be to extend the plan, to build more slowly or allow injury time.

  • I'm thrilled that you made it Phil. What a week it has been! Now you can look forward to the tapering ;)

  • How could I have missed this, thanks TJ, tapering going well ;-)

  • Phil, your a great inspiration for all and you will do well in the forthcoming marathon.

    I wish you good luck too.

  • Thank you

  • Great post phil - thank you for that. We are running on the same day - and that is a very reassuring post. I am doing my last long run tomorrow- and I will be using all the psychological trickery I can muster:-). I have been told that it is the training that is hard and the run itself is fine... Ha ha - just comforting myself with that.

  • Thanks, I so hope that's true about the training being harder than on the day :-)

  • Ha ha - time will tell :-)

  • Great Work Phil! You are still my hero!

  • Thanks Delia :-)

  • Wow! Your dedication is impressive!

  • Thanks, this programme sure gets you started :-)

  • Wow. Couch to marathon in less than 2 years. That. Is. Impressive.

  • Thank you, I don't believe it myself sometimes.

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