Week 9 Marathon training- Sunshine and happy days

Hi folks - so week 9 was a little uneventful.

2 x hardass spinning classes

1x 7miles- hilly round robin - but v satisfactory

1 x 12 miles - hilly run with my mate.

A quite dull week really - I am heads down just getting on with it - I don't doubt I will finish if I get to the start line. I am rather fearful of injury and I my legs are sore all the time. Mr Suzy B reminded me of the film Zulu - and the Zulu shuffle and the distances that were travelled.(Put that in my back pocket for future reference).

Today was a supposed 14 miles. I was to run 4.5 miles and then meet my mate who would pull me along the rest of the way. I got up with a very heavy heart- the long run days are really long run days and not a lot else gets done. That first 4.5 miles I crawled along in pain- just thinking I was going to let my mate down who had got up especially to run with me. What a joy when i saw her running to meet me - the rush of gratitude was immense - and the mysterious pain just disappeared? The brain is very odd? I decided to practice a slow run with little movement underneath my feet (the zulu shuffle) and just kept a very steady pace - and kept running with fewer walking/ stop breaks. I practised taking fuel on- board - and I was very surprised at the end I had actually run faster....I also ran so I had some 'gas' left in the tank - to give me confidence for my next run.

I only managed 12 miles - but you know it felt ok at the end- I was not dead on my feet, I drank a recovery shake thing and I now feel fine. Therefore the conclusion I have reached is that all that progressive running in the long run so to speak pays off. The body adjusts- and then you put it under pressure again - there's an expression for it - something like chronic stress exercise.

So I feel quite thoughtful this afternoon- what started out as a poor headspace run - turned into something much more positive with my mate. Also taking the pressure off myself - really did make a difference and i did better. The chapter I am reading is stressing the need to relax in the run to not waste energy and to run'easier' not 'harder'

So next week a jump to 16 miles - but we shall see. Am concentrating on my music for next week - as running solo.Going for great rock songs - voodoo child, sex on fire, walk this way.... Any other suggestion folks??

It was a happy sunny running day and Scotland won their Rugby match - Yay :-) :-)


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24 Replies

  • SuzyBenj - are you a secret Scot hiding down south. Try some Europe on the music - The Final Countdown. I had them playing on my MP3 round the Parkrun today, and completely shocked myself when the result came out as 1.07mins quicker than 3 weeks ago and a new PB. I get so mad watching Scotland play rugby so today's result was great and the fact that they found the touch line.

    Keep on running and writing to let us know how you are getting on. Good luck for 16 miles next week.

  • sry - reply below - it didn't attach to you !

  • You are an inspiration! Great effort, well done.

    Music? I am currently enjoying Paint it black by the Rolling Stones, its a perfect bpm for me. Actually hated the stones when I was younger, but love this tune now.

  • Thank you. Yes I have been checking out the rolling stones - I quite like harlem shuffle :-)

  • Thank you- as you say Scots abroad in Devon ( claimed on my mothers side and Mr Suzy B is a Glaswegian boy!)-As you say it is hard being a Scotland fan! We went to Rome a couple of years ago when they lost badly - but the italians were such fun it really didn't matter :-). Ritchie was on the plane on the way back -all the scots whispering amongst themselves. My husband was thrilled to shake his hand - as did I- but it was funny sight as Mr SB is only 5ft 8in.

    Will check out the music - thank you :-)

  • You cannot beat a bit of Bruce Springsteen IMHO :-)

  • ok - i used to love Bruce - will consider hime for the playlist :-)

  • Interesting about the Zulu shuffle, sounds like it did you good - I must apply it sometime, although no where near your 12 miles. Good vibes to you for next week's training, how about some Queen 'We are the Champions'? :-)

  • I do like Queen- and have been considering adding them to the playlist. Thank you for reminding me :-)

  • well done you keep up the good work hope it goes well

  • Thank you- struggling bait this morning with achy right leg- Hobbled down road to walk dogs:-(

  • me too right knee had day off yesterday felt like crap like the end of the world off to resume battle tonight

  • Battle resumed tues - will keep you posted. Still limping tonight ......

  • done mine last night bloody nearly killed me hardest so far didnt get to 14 .13 and half in 1hr 49 .30 keep at it sb im back out tomoz 2 wks left for me good luck tomoz

  • Did I see the words "only 12 miles". You are fab and 12 miles is brilliantly. Determination is half of the battle and you seem to have it in spades. The brain is indeed odd - sometimes we wonder if we can run when we know we have managed it on numerous occasions. Good luck with the rest of your training and keep posting (and shuffling!)

  • Good grief, I have just re-read my post. My ability to use the English language seems to have deserted me!

  • Thanks - you made me smile- I am in such pain with legs - but I will carry on :-)

  • Hey, congrats on the 12 miles - I'm loving the idea of the Zulu shuffle - will keep that in mind. Know what you mean about sore legs - mine are in pain all the time with my training, but it also makes me think I'm doing something right if they are hurting. I panic now when they don't hurt that I haven't done enough that week!! LOL.

  • I know what you mean on the no pain no gain front - have put a positive spin on it this eve - been round to my family to sun dins - they are terribly impressed with my limp and that I still run :-)- if only they knew.....

  • Fab tags... You are doing brilliantly and well on the way to the big M.. Mrs Marathon Queen you are fab and an inspiration... Good luck for week 10....

  • Ha ha very funny on the 'tags' - sex and dead....

  • Zulu shuffle?? - I must look that up.

    Have you heard of the "Cliff Young shuffle" ?? Sounds like much the same thing

  • Thank you - I had heard about this guy but couldn't remember his name. I love the last line 'no I wouldn't do it again. thank you v weary tonight and that was a real lift :-)

  • Brilliant. Amazing. 'What's your secret? You've got to keep going I think'

    I get that!!

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