Week 5

Week 5

Was feeling pretty proud of myself getting to week 5 in just under 3 weeks. I am on run 2 and my lower back is suffering badly. It where i would describe 'the monkeys tail'. I am 44 - 7 stone 10 and was unfit. I started couch to 5k on New Years Day and it has been a liberation for me. I wondered if anyone can help As i don't feel as if I can do run 3 like this

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  • You are obviously pushing through the programme pretty quickly. Why not slow it down a little and take a few more rest days so you can see whether your back improves? It's supposed to take nine weeks to complete and many of us have taken longer. Main thing is to make steady progress and not risk injury.

  • I know, I suppose I was so excited at my improvement each day that I have over done it. The picture above is my run and I love just getting out there and thought 24 hrs between runs would be enough. Funny thing is, an elderly gentleman offered to carry my shopping bags yesterday as he could see me struggling to walk. Thanks for your reply

  • Sounds nasty. Some info here nhs.uk/Conditions/coccydini...

  • Thank you! shall read now

  • Maybe the fact that you have got so far in such a short time might be something to do with your back pain. Try giving yourself a couple of days or longer break between runs to see if that makes any difference. I suffered lower back pain after I finished C25k and was trying to increase my distances (apparently quite a common scenario). I do daily core strengthening exercises because the abs often develop quicker than the back muscles and get out of balance with one another. Look around runnersworld.com and I am sure you will find something to help. Running certainly helps you learn about your body, for sure, so try to address the problem before it gets too bad.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you, I will have to rest because even sitting down is painful. What core exercises are you doing. Wow can never imagine 25k run 3 wk % is scaring me!

  • wk 5!!

  • It sounds like you are pushing too hard and your body is going to force you to take it easy. Week 5 in under 3 weeks is a bad idea, as the programme is designed to strengthen those muscles and avoid injury. Put your feet up!

  • Thank you

  • Like everyone is advising , rest . It's a common mistake when we start this programme , it's so liberating & makes you feel great so some of us push ourselves too far & pay the price . Have a good few days off you will feel better for it .

  • Thank you I will. I just wanted to keep up the fitness level and was worried that i would end up going backward. I have signed up to do Race for Life this year with my daughter and as silly as it sounds (being quite shy and get easily embarrassed )- I want to be able to run the whole route

  • Yes I understand , I have signed up as well & I am out of action due to injury , it's going to be another two wk before I can run , making it 5 wk in total . We have plenty of time , better to rest now & recover than risk injury & being like me . Good luck & remember nice & steady

  • Thanks again and hope you recover soon - going be tough not going out there though!!

  • I know tell me about it . I'm from c25k & back again lol

  • I struggled with lower back during week 5 or 6. I went for Gait Analysis, bought some much more suitable trainers and had no more issues with back niggles. I've just come home from W8R3 so it's all good!!! Soooo happpyyy :) Sounds like you should rest up for a couple of days then get back out there! Good luck !

  • Thank you for your reply, I have good trainers just too keen!! Wow! Week 8! Well done :) I have done Wk 5 run 2 - 3 times as I feel running for 20 mins a really big step!! How do you do it? Will rest and if better will probably do the run a final time before tackling the big one! You must feel so chuffed, I would!!

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