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Week 5 done!


So happy that I've completed week 5! I was a bit worried about run 3, and at the start of the week, I was really dubious whether I'd be able to do 20 minutes non-stop. However, after run 2, I could feel myself becoming a bit more confident. Anyway, the 20 minutes seemed to fly by! I divided it up into 5 minute chunks in my mind - thinking, 'well, I can run 5 minutes no problem, so let's just do that 4 times'. I've been buzzing all evening, so just thought I'd share it with you all, and if anyone's worried about run 3, there's no need - if I can do it, anyone can!

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So glad 😊that you have completed C25K week 5 run 3 John_2510, you deserve to be buzzing😉 after completing that milestone run. 🏃Watch out for week 6 run 1, that run with its walking🚶 catches a few people out😊


At that start of C25K I thought there was no way I could run for 20mins, but like you found it fine. Actually looking forward to wk6 run3 this weekend. Keep up the good work!

Well done John_2510, just completed w5r3 myself, so pleased with myself!

Well done John. I am right behind you and due to tackle w5r3 today or tomorrow. I'm lying in bed giving myself a prep talk!

Yay John! Brilliant run and brilliant attitude! You knew you could do it, and you smashed it! 👏👏👏🏃🏃🏃

That’s that landmark out the way! Onwards to W6. Have a read of other people’s posts on it. The first two runs pack a sneaky punch, but you’ll be fine if you stay slow and respect them. 😀

Well done!


Well done, such an achievement. I'm doing wk5 r3 this weekend and have been worried about 20 mins nonstop. Seeing posts like yours are helping to reassure me that I can do it!


Well done! :-)

Yay we’ll done you, I got mine later today eek! Am a tad scared!


Fantastic well done! I’m a week behind you and already panicking about the full 20mins so this was good to hear😊

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