Week 5!

Hope everybody is doing well. I am having a bit of a wibble, I completed Week 4 Run 3 yesterday and I was finding the second five minute runs a bit challenging but managed to finish them. Have just downloaded the podcasts for week 5 and saw the running times, I am now thinking I will never be able to manage the long run on day 3......eek! I have seen from previous posts that week 5 is a bit challenging but I honestly think I will never be able to run for 20 minutes continuously, how did you all cope and did you mange it first time or have to try again, any advise gratefully received :-)


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14 Replies

  • sorry for spelling! *advice

  • The whole idea is that every step of the programme pushes you just a little further and takes you a little more out of your old comfort zone and into your new! Think back to when you started: I am sure you would have found the idea of yesterday's run daunting. Anyway, don't get too far ahead of yourself as you have a few more outings to go yet and you just need to do one run at a time to get ready for the next one. The programme will have been gradually getting you ready for that 20 minute run so you will be absolutely fine, just keep it really really really slow and steady. Each step up in the programme will feel challenging and that is great because it is building up your fitness. It is all about mind games, and once that 20 mins is under your belt you will feel like you have developed a superpower! Good luck! :-)

  • Thank you Clara, you are right I do have 2 runs before I get to the 20 minutes and also I would have found yesterdays run nigh on impossible at the start, thanks for refocusing my mind again :-)

  • I couldn't run to the end of my own street before I started the C25K in July and thought I would have a heart attack at the end of the first run! Today I did my first park run in 33 mins 18 secs . I am still overweight and now 51 and will never break any records (other than possibly, slowest!) but i could not have possibly have imagined running for 33 mins without stopping only 4 months ago...good luck with your own journey.

  • Well done Clara ! Not a bad time AT ALL for your first park run !! I agree absolutely with what you have said. By the time W5R3 comes along you are just magically ready to do it. It's not easy mind you, but it is do-able and the feeling you get at the end,,,I cried,,,It really does give you a sense of acheivement. Just remember to run really slowly so you don't run out of energy before the end. Good luck !

  • Park run was a great experience! Gorleston is also a great course: along the seafront, Tarmac, and almost completely flat! Also lovely and sunny this morning and only a light breeze which helped push me over the finish line!

  • Thanks henpen, will keep slow and steady in mind when I try it, going to do the first run on Monady and hopefully third run on Friday.

  • Well done on your park run, that's a great time and having achieved all that since July is fab, I hope I can get to that stage in the future too.

  • Hey cara :D you doing great :D don'y worry about that Run 3 , everyone pretty much says No I can't do it and almost everyone does :D so you can too :) trust in the program and all the work you have done so far has progressed you in steps to do it :D good luck i know you will :D

  • Aww thanks Rob, wish I had your faith :-) You are absolutely right many others have succeeded with the program so need to get in the right frame of mind, will try my best :-)

  • Its understandable to think that Cara, I think we all did !

    The programme is designed to challenge you yes, but every run, every week lays the foundation for the next one. Just keep it slow and steady and please don't panic- you CAN do this ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug, its nice to hear that others felt the same and panic is exactly what I did when I saw that 20 minute run, you start to think I am not ready for this yet.......but your advice is much appreciated :-)

  • Don't panic! I did the same looked ahead and then worried about that 20 minutes rather than enjoying the previous runs. When it was time I did it it wasn't easy but I did it and you can too. Take it one day one run at a time.

    Let us.know when you do it

  • Thanks suel, I have been enjoying my runs up until now and that's exactly what I would have done in the first two runs of week 5 - not enjoyed them because I would be worrying of what was coming up in the third run. I will keep that in mind when starting next week. Hopefully I will be telling you I have completed run three on Friday, keep your fingers crossed for me ;-)

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